Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 5

Happy Wednesday all! So yesterday I didn't get any pictures of our big adventure to BB&B. I apologize. We didn't come home with new pillows....Kyle couldn't decide on what he wanted! So we also went to Walmart and Borders. May the Randomness begin. . .

God help whatever person decided to dream up that bad boy. I love cupcakes, and cake for that fact. But I refuse to buy a dog cake!

Undateable. . .
Probably about 5 months ago Kyle got a call from VH1 asking if a Youtube video of him could be aired on VH1. So he was BEYOND stoked, Everyone we know was told to DVR the VH1 special. The Show was called 100 ways to be undateable. Hahaha!

I SOOO need this!
At work when something is stressing me out, I always say you better watch yourself or I will cut you! So of course I NEED Murder Ink post it notes!

Plate for work?!
Most likely from me having ADD, I've ALWAYS Always played with my food. So of course I need a Ms. Food Face plate to eat my lunch on at work daily. . . . RIGHT?

Are you ready for the more cuddly aspect of my life?

Rizzle asked about my 2 Doxie's! There they are with my parents Westie! Lacy, Baxter and Barnaby!!!


~Jessica said...

Ha! Your hubs looks so fun!

I love all the puppers!!!!!

Mrs. W said...

Yes He is so randomly like me! It works fantastic!

We should make a trip to Chicago to see you Fancy D!

Rizzle said...

Thanks for posting pics! So cute! Do they burrow under your covers?

Mrs. W said...

Yes the burrow! Barnaby (He's 2) doesn't really understand as well he see's Lacy do it (She's 11) and he just ends up fluffing the blankets until we yell at him.