Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 7

Sorry for being a slacker, I've been slightly busy to say the least. In the middle of my busy life I have tried to sneak in some pictures here and there! So here's what went down in the life of Megan on Thursday!

How pretty is that?!
I love orchids, I also had the boys at the wedding have orchids as the boutonniere's at the wedding! After my wonderful husband saw my desk was bare, I came home to a beautiful pink orchid at the house!

It looks amazing at my desk!!

Yes I married that man! Funny thing about the Spongebob shirt. . . About 3 years ago, Kyle was kinda speeding... He was going 30 miles over, which means you had to be take off in handcuffs here in ole MO. His "mug shot", is wear this spongebob shirt.

After a really LONG day at work trying to finish everything up for deadlines. I was STOKED to walk in to the house and find . . . . The disk of my wedding pictures on the kitchen table.

Of course I'll tease you with a picture until I have more time to upload more!

Our first dance as Husband and wife!

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