Thursday, September 9, 2010

Day 14 - Thursday Edition

Happy Thursday my loves! So today was a pretty good day.... Even if the weather was dreary. Oh well us gals made the best of it! So Ya'll hear so much about the shenanigans in my life. Which to be rather honest, I'm not normally alone in these bad boys! So of course, two girls that consume more of my life then my Husband would be Liz E. and Liz P. they are my go to girls! To joke, or just make a fool of myself..... They are always there to laugh with me..... or at me! Both of which are completely fine with me. (well from them! I know they love my weirdness deep down, really deep down!)

Today's Shenanigans may BEGIN! With a WalMart trip on lunch break!

I need headbands. . .
So now that I have short hair, I need headbands to work out. I was trying to decide if this would stay in my hair or if it would be too big! So Liz E. said well let's give it a try! Seemed to work so we bought them! So I decided to sport a headband at work the rest of the day. It was too big. Which presented us with, Liz E. telling us she had a big head. So of course Liz P. and I thought it was totally necessary to measure our heads...... FYI my head is 21 inches, just incase you were curious!

These my friends were a WalMart special we just couldn't pass up! I mean, who doesn't have a pair of camouflage house slippers just laying around! Alright. So I'll give you a little background about these, well one of our co workers LOVES camouflage. It doesn't even cross his mind of mis-matched camo. So we always make comments about his wonderful camo out fits! Now which will be complete with some RAD slippers!

Liz the tool Women Taylor
So since I was the last person to be hired at the office, the only filing cabinet that wasn't locked ..... Was missing a wheel. After very wobble-ness of my drawers. Good Ole Liz P. to the rescue! I can successfully say that I can file cabinet race again.

So about closing time, we discuss creepers and mustaches. (Stache Friday started this conversation) Back behind Liz P, you'll notice a print out of a creeper. So we decided to draw a second one!!

Everyone have a fantastic Friday Tomorrow!

(Gossip Girl Style)

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