Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a week. . .

So, now that this week is come to an end. I figured I need to spend time to blog, to tell you guys I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and to just express things. Things I need to be able to talk about. (More of therapy for myself, sorry to bore you all)

September 19, I had been looking forward to it all week! It'd officially be Kyle and I's 3 months of marriage! We made it 1/4 of a year! Go us! Little did I know that I would dread the day of September 19. Getting the text from Kyle telling me that our good friend Ralph had passed away. At first I thought he was joking with me. I called Kyle, to hear him crying. Nothing tore me so much in shreds, my husband crying to me and I was 3 hours away. Getting the news our friend had died.

One of the many things I was blessed to have when I started dating Kyle. I was included in his group of friends. Kyle and I started dating, he was at first nervous for me to meet his friends and family. (Which I'm still rather confused about, I'm not that bad of a person am I) I will never forget that day that I met Luke, Brandon, Ralph, Autumn, Zak and Erin. It really doesn't seem like it's been just 5 years, I feel that they have been with me my whole life. Our Happiness begins, Luke and Jeannie get married, (and have little Miss. Maddy) Zak and Erin get married, Brandon goes off to Law School, Kyle and I get married. We were turning into the old married group of friends that you have for life. Just 3 weeks ago, I told Ralph that I do see him and Autumn settling down and eventually getting married. I swore to him that one day he would settle down and the whole party stage would leave. We are the bunch of friends that yeah, we may be a little strange, but we wouldn't change a thing about each other. We love how strange we are. Now being September 25, we all do know that we can make it through think and thin.

So being the strong group we are, we decided we need to make a cross to take to the accident spot. Although, I can't say I've seen just a plain cross at the local craft store. So being that Ralph was so loved by us, I told the gang that I felt we need to be together at this time and build a cross. So off to the local Home depot. Go Big or Go home. Ralph would expect us to go big. So we did!
For us, being together to talk about the wonderful times we had with Ralph we built this lovely cross. We picked to paint it green because Ralph loved Golf, and his favorite color was black! (Yes it was rather hilarious seeing us build this cross, I'm sure Ralph was cracking up laughing at us. In fact, there were times we were cracking up at ourselves.)

Boys putting the cross up!

We love you Ralph!
(In memory, we all wore pink ties (I wore a scarf) to the funeral (we left Frank's in the car))
(HOLY HELL, why did no one tell me I looked like a blimp)

We will never forget the times we've had together. All the times he's made us laugh, his crazy hair, the beloved white suit he showed up in to Zak and Erin's wedding, the many times we got together as a group and Ralph was always the one who was late. The memories just keep flowing, I could keep typing and smiling as I typed them. We will never lose those, or our love for him.

From everything we've been through this week. We've been lucky to become closer to Frank, who was one of Ralph's best friends. Looking back, I really don't know why we never saw Frank very often, I guess Ralph was just hiding him from us. I do feel we will now be having another strong friendship added to our group. (Well, if we don't scare Frank off with our shenanigans.... Which in our group, we are full of them!)

We miss you Ralph!

Sorry if I bored you all with my life, I know that aspect I really don't share. I try to be the one who's always happy go lucky and always wanting to make sure everyone is doing okay and make them smile.

So for the scavengar hunt.

Well one day this week was Sweet!

So my gnomies bring to you, {insert the lovely smell of pumpkin spice Yankee candle} the lovely sweetness of the candle I burn at the office daily, and I think they were deciding on what candies they were going wrestle over!


jewelrybyjillian said...

Megan, I am so so sorry for you and your group of friends. You in no way bored your readers with your story, we are here to support you through this.

Thank you for sharing and take care of yourself!
Jillian :)

~Christina~ said...

You are all very lucky to have each other and he will always be apart of all you .... ((HUGS))

jewelrybyjillian said...

Because you are such a dedicated blogger, I've decided to give you a blog award!