Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 12 - Tuesday

Back to work! Oh how hard it is to get back in the groovy of a work week after a long weekend! Extra coffee was required for sure!

So on Sunday I had a minor freak out, I realized I forgot to water Midge on Friday. I was afraid that she was going to bed dead! Boy was I wrong! Her hair was pushing the box open! (Notice her nice comb over to the right!!)

I jumped with joy when I heard the UPS man!
Because my TOMS arrived! OH I love these! I wish I could wear them all day; every day! Now to work on Kyle to let me wear them to bed! Hmmmmm. I strong encourage everyone to buy a pair of TOMS. It's a great organization and the are sooooo comfy! I already have my eye on these!!!

How disappointing!
Of course trying to be a good WWer, I keep Miniature Tootsie Pops in my desk....... Put a cap on that sweet craving!!! How RUDE, they forgot the best part! So of course I had to have another one..... or THREE!

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~Christina~ said...

I ♥ Tootsie Pops big time. I even bought the kids these owl shaped lollipop holders that COUNT how many licks you give it to keep track of how many it takes to get to the center!!!