Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Party!!

So the rest of the week, my life will be swallowed up by work. I have a huge deadline to hit by friday. So I will blog away tonight. So lets begin.

(I warn you, you will be attacked with photos!)

FALL . . .
Ahhh the trees are changing and leaves are falling, and the weather is getting chilly! Which means my Uggs and I meet again! As with my TOMS, I highly suggest everyone to own one, or more pairs of Uggs. Basically from September - March I LIVE in Uggs!! I also suggest, don't get the knock off's yeah they might be half the price. But the Uggs last A LOT longer. So spend the extra bucks to begin with so you don't have to buy 2 or 3 pairs for how long the Uggs would last!

Mums just SCREAM fall to me!

ART . . .
Decorated my cube a little bit!!

WATER . . .
My beloved Naglene!

YUMMY . . .
So yes, I am overly obsessed with frozen yogurt. I don't know if I ever mentioned, I drive 30 minutes to get it! Finally within a mile of my house will be FROZEN YOGURT! Yes I've already emailed about a part time job!

I cashed in some of my Nature Made points and got free SoyJoy's!!!

BUG. . .
I went to water Midge, and it looks like she's be whoring her self out... She had a new boyfriend chilling on the blind!

This monster of a bug was in my cousin's car. He had a tragic death.... By a shoe. Look at all those gross guts!

I pulled out my Pandora bracelet (and new Pandora ring!) and have been making sure to wear it on my right hand so I can stay focused on my Weight Watchers!

COOL . . .
I received an cool awesome package from Jess!! With this lovely splat egg!

So I went over to my brother's house, to find my little niece having to wear a cone. Poor girl!
She has an ulcer on her eye and she keeps scratching it and it wasn't healing. So she's stuck with the cone. She's hilarious with it though!

The Letter F. . .
Me and Mr. Barnaby watching the Alabama Game! Yeah, the game got us slightly nervous!

The Letter F again.

So, after BC pill #7 and still having side effects with EVERYTHING. I talked to the husband, and asked how he felt if I went off the pill and we used alternate forms of contraceptives. We both agreed it was fine for my body to have a break.

Well I called the OBGYN, and my regular doctor was gone, and the doctor that put me on zoloft was gone too. I said to have my regular doctor call Monday. Well later that day I got a call from the on call doctor, who pissed me off. He told me that he didn't feel comfortable with me not being on 2 forms of contraceptives and was trying to force upon me the IUD. Which my best friend has the Mirena, and has to have surgery to have it removed. It's not something I've wanted or would think about. After the doctor fighting with me about it, and me say NO, No, NO over and over. I come home to find this today.... Are you fucking kidding.

I'm thinking this is great material to start a fire and roast some marshmallows!


Mandie said...

I so want a Pandora bracelet but I don't wear silver and it would cost me (as far as I know) $400 for a charm if I go with gold, screw that lol

Becky said...

Smashed bug = ew

Dog with the cone = hilarious
My mom's dog had eye surgery when she wasn't even a year old. So this poor Lhasa Apso puppy had a purple cone on her head and she was so pathetic. She had to wear it for 2 weeks. I felt so bad, yet it was so easy to giggle when she would run and then look down and almost flip over.