Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 13 - Wednesday

So I'm going to go ahead and post today's since it's only one picture. So right now I've been so busy working, I been working all day and going home to work. So needless to say I've been slacking in the blogging/picture department! Although yesterday I decided I wasn't happy with the 10 pounds I've gained since my wedding. I basically realized I didn't work my ass off to lose 70 pounds to slowly gaining it back. So I decided last night I need to get in a gym routine. So I set my alarm for 4:45 to be at the gym by 5:30. . . I've done this MANY times, I always click dismiss and go to sleep for 2 more hours!

So last night I added an episode of CSI to the iPhone and headed off to the gym! I told myself I wasn't allowed to leave the treadmill till the episode was done! I did burn 316!! Go me! Of course I had to stop at Starbucks at 6:15 for a Skinny Vanilla Latte!

So after the gym Kyle and I had to go get the new car licensed. For some odd reason I thought the DMV opened at 7:30. I was wrong, we got there at 7:30 and they open at 8! So Kyle says lets go to Panera down the street for breakfast. So I picked a Everything Bagel with Veggie spread. Thinking it would be 5-6 points..... Boy was I wrong! It was 9 points. Are you freaking kidding me! So by 8:30 am, I had already eaten 11 points!

So after chicken and noodles for dinner, Kyle and I went on a walk for 30 minutes since I felt so guilty about that damn bagel.

Tomorrow is a new day! I can do this!!

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Julia said...

YAY!!! I'm so proud of you! I love reading your bloggie. keep it up diva, and let's get some froyo STAT!