Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 18 - Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday my lovers!

Welp, so last night I got a text from my boss asking if I could take him to the airport this morning and work 6 am-2 pm. Of course I said yes. It was a fantastic idea! I text my best friend Shelby who I haven't seen in about a month, and I haven't seen her precious daughter since my wedding. (Which she made the most bad ass flower girl in the world!) It just happened my best friend was off and had nothing to do once I was off!

Who's ready for me to whore out some pictures?!

Happy MONDAY folks!
Of course I took this picture this morning and sent it out to my coworkers.... I mean who else doesn't want to see the bad ass poop pen holder I found, and my midge turning into a grass growing beast! I mean it totally made my Monday awesome! (I warned you all that I enjoy talking about poop and farts!)

This is my precious Lydia! That girl is like my own, I would do anything in the world for her! So today after I text Shelby, Lydia kept asking "Can we see Megan, yet." I arrived at the door, Lydia comes running and screams, runs back to Shelby and starts crying saying "IT'S NOT MY MEGAN." Then it both dawns on us that Lydia hadn't seen me since I cut 10 inches of hair off. Once she heard my voice she came running to give me a hug and kiss!!

Of course we've trained this girl well, she LOVES shopping! So we threw the car seat in my car and off shopping we go!

All I can do is roll out laughing at this picture! Honestly I pray to god each and every night. When Kyle and I decide it's time for me to bear children, I really hope they are as adorable as Lydia and has her rocking personality! I mean for gosh sakes. . . As we were getting out of the car, Shelby asked Lydia if she pooped in her diaper. . You wanna know what this sassy girl's response was. "No, I'm not poopy. . . . I just have GAS." I almost died in the middle of the parking lot laughing. Don't let this 2 year old fool you, she really did have gas.

Now if you've been following the blog religiously, or know anything about me. I'm what one would call slightly obsessed with frozen yogurt! Also for some reason, my city thinks I should drive miles away for it! I found out we were getting a Yogurtini in my city, I hadn't tried it to see if I love it more then I do Peachwave. So today Me, Shelby and the munchkin decided to make a stop at ole Yogurtini. . . 40 minutes from the house. I must say, I do like Yogurtini better then Peachwave! They had more favorites of yogurt to pick from and more toppings. My cup consisted of Original Tart, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake Batter, and Cheesecake yogurt; with rainbow sprinkles, 1 red gummy bear, and NERDS for my toppings!

So I asked Lydia if she wanted to share my ice cream. She said "No, I share with Momma." Next thing I knew, I had put my spoon down and it was snatched and someone was taking over my ice cream! I got my own spoon and we shared!! Although she was bummed she accidently dropped the one red gummy bear on the floor! :-(

. . . . . . Then I got a phone call from my cousin asking if we'd go mattress shopping with her. Well she moves into a new apartment on Saturday, and didn't have a mattress to sleep on. So I looked at Shelby and Lydia and asked if we were up to the challenge!

I asked Lydia if she wanted to go jump on beds! She said "YEAH.... You, Momma, and Me jump on beds!" So of course me being the amazingly awesome "aunt," I let her jump on the beds. (No I didn't get yelled at by anyone that works there, even if I would have there might have been a throw down in the middle of Nebraska Furniture Mart. . . . Bobby Flay style that is!)

Bed after bed, we found the ONE! Kara let's buy this one!!!

We happened to come about a random iMac, so of course we had to give PhotoBooth a whirl. (Although I'm afraid to say their Mac needs to go and see a Mac Genius, it needs some work)


Hope you all have found light through this post. . . take it and run!



~Christina~ said...

She is just toooo cute! I wish I'd get to jump on beds at NFM LOL

~Jessica said...

Meg. Please oh Please tell me where I can get my very own Midge? Please!

Becky said...

I want that frozen yogurt you had. YUM