Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 9

So after a LONG friday, Saturday I was pretty boring! I'm apoligize! Only 4 pictures today!

Oh Saylor!
After the wedding, Jack and Saylor came and stayed with me! I took her over to stay at my Aunt's with the "kitties." Yeah, she's totally playing with my Grandma's cat, that my Aunt inherited when she passed. The cat is probably 13-14 years old. . . Saylor was playing with her like she was a doll. Poor Miss Kitty!

So Jack and Saylor wanted donuts, so off to get some we went. This little girl was sitting outside waiting on her Dad to come out with donuts. While in the long donut line, I was talking to the owner. That little girl looks just like my Bella girl. I thought awww it's a puppy. Ummmm No, the owner informed me that she's older then Bella. I about died, Bella really is a moose. This Bulldog was half the size of Bell....

Working at the car wash. . .
Saylor decided to "help" Lance wash his car. Yeah we ended up having a full on water fight once the car was washed!

Mini- WHAT!
Yes! The DQ mini blizzard!!!!!

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