Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 10

Sorry guys for being a slacker on keeping the blog updated. Well Day ole 10 happened to be on a lovely Sunday of a fantastic 3 day weekend! Here's for the pictures!

Oh Lane!
Well Friday before Jess's big wedding I had to go suit shopping with my boss. Well suits were buy one get one free at Men's Warehouse. So Sunday I had to take our little intern up and get the free suit! It was his very first suit and he was super excited!

I had a phone call from my brother to come over! When I arrived I found Gracie girl snoring away! I figured you'd all want to meet my Niece Gracie too!

The reason my brother called me to come over! He went out to the cupcake store and got a dozen cupcakes and had a lovely ChocoVanillo with my name on it!

New FAVORITE show!
The Great Food Truck Race! I adore this show! Every Sunday my ass is on the couch (or in bed) watch this and Meet the Kardashians! A Sunday Regular!

Oh Bell!
Bella and I watching our Sunday night shows!!!
(Sorry I look like poo, I never left the house or decided to look decent)

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