Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 16 - Suddenly Saturday

Sorry ya'll, I pretty much failed as an "AWESOME" blogger yesterday! I spent my day deep cleaning the house with Mom and yard work with Dad. I'm not gonna lie, I actually enjoyed using Mom's Shark Steamer Mop. I so need one of these when we buy a house! I would steam everything!!!!

Also as Kyle says, I'm kinda a "lawn nazi." Yes I'm the girl that walks around the neighborhood giving my 2 cents on what they need to do different to their lawn! I'm not gonna lie, I've been raised with a very OCD Dad about the lawn! So yesterday after raking spots of dead grass, bag up acorns, and throw down some grass seed with Daddy-o. Lord, my legs DON'T like yard work! (Yes I did also threaten many times to go roll around and squish all the grass! He HATES when I walk in the front yard! I threaten all the time to do stuff to his "MASTERPIECE")

Ohhhhh. . . .
I'm not gonna lie, the grass does look amazing! I must confess it does kinda make my heart flutter with a well groomed, green glorious lawn! My husband on the other hand just thinks it's grass and no one should waste their time bagging while mowing! Oh hell we would have that masterpiece with out bagging our lawn! (It does look so fluffly and awesome that you just want to roll around. . .)


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