Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 17 - Sadly Sunday

After being a horrible blogger yesterday I was determined to give you a good post, well at least attempt to make a good post.

After a long day of cleaning and lawn work, I was knocked out cold to the world before 8:45 pm. So needless to say, 7 am this morning I was bright eyed and bushy tailed! I decided to make a pumpkin waffle recipe I found on Weight Watcher's website! Anything pumpkin. . . I'm a sucker for it. I don't care what it is, if it says pumpkin this fat girl of course has to try it!

I love making waffles, and I must say with my regular recipe which is no where near WWer friendly; I'm a MASTER! But with this pumpkin waffle recipe it really was challenging. The recipe said to use 1/4 cup of batter for the waffle, and 2 waffles was a serving size. When I used the 1/4 cup, it was pretty much what one would consider a waffle F-A-I-L they were brunt pumpkin crackers. (The dogs sure loved them!)

I finally decided, I'll use the 1/2 cup so one waffle was 4 points. I figured "I got this." Nada I was wrong AGAIN. The recipe said to keep in the waffle iron for 5-7 minutes. At 5 minutes I had some chared pumpkin waffles! At this point I pretty much felt like a waffle failure, I was just tempted to make my regular full fat waffles and call it a day!

It has a little char spots, but otherwise perfect! Perfection! Not to mention delicious. I love waffles because of the crisp. Since there's canned pumpkin in these bad boys, they never got crispy crispy like I like. Although they were still AhhMazing! Even after the challenge this brought to me, I still will make them again! Even the Husband said they were "Damn Good." He also asked if I had anymore, unfortunately I had to tell him well Lacy, Baxter, Barnaby, and Bella ate the rest. (the burnt ones!)

Morning coffee on the porch
Mom and I were sipping coffee, and talking this morning in the front porch. Mostly talking about how I Facebook and Blog too much and she feels I need to stop. Okay, I'll admit I did use to Facebook ALL the time. Since I've started blogging, I can honestly say I don't spend hardly anytime on Facebook anymore. So I decided I will take some time away from the good ole Facebook. (who knows how long this will actually last) I won't quit going on the blog! I adore blogging and I refuse to stop!!

All of the sudden we are just talking away, and I notice the old man neighbor sweeping the STREET! Yup he spent like 15 minutes sweeping the street! Oh lord I can't wait to become old that I have nothing else to do with my life but sweep the street!

Meanwhile watching the old man sweep away, I decided to bring up a visit with my Great Aunt. Mom and Dad went and visited with her last week. I was intrigued when I was told she has a beard! Of course I found this beyond hilarious and was making some bearded woman jokes and what not. I also told mom, that I think I should call and ask for her to come visit so I can see this glorious beard myself!! {envision bearded women}

How have I forgotten!
So I have no clue how I have failed to mention my summer time FAVORITE dinner! Surprisingly I haven't had it all summer until I told Mom we needed to make it! So yesterday off to the store I went! Yes we made the DELICIOUS Herb-Grilled Chicken with Watermelon-Feta Salsa!! Yes I will admit, when Mom first told me she was making this I curled my nose and said it sounded disgusting. Since this fat kid is always down for trying new stuff, I did. Boy and I glad I did. This dinner my friends is beyond delightful! (No. I don't know the points on it. I don't track. . . I have recipe builder but too lazy to put it through it!)

Till Tomorrow Folks!

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~Christina~ said...

I had never had anything pumpkin beyond pie ;) until a few months ago when I made these cuppie cakes I found the recipe for on WW website. They are the devilsfood pumpkin cupcakes and I could have eaten the entire batch! Though that would have decidedly NOT been WW friendly LOL