Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm alive

Hello my readers, not to worry I'm still alive. So much has gone on lately that you all have missed, and *hints* why I haven't been posting! So if you all are friends with me on facebook, you all know that. . .

I am now a proud Furmom of 3 now!!

Welcome Miss Emma!!

So November 27, ole the Saturday after Thanksgiving Julia forwards me an email talking about a dog auction going to be happening. It also stated that any dogs that weren't sold would be put to sleep. There was a list of dogs that would be auctioned. As I went through the list of 300+ dogs. They had dachshunds, Corgis, English Bulldogs and French bulldogs. All of which are doggies our family adores!

So I ran up stairs, told my Dad to get out of bed we were driving to Joplin. (about 3 hours and 30 minutes from where we live) I showed him the email, told him that I was going by myself if he wasn't going with me. Now back story, if any of you know me in real life. I am a HUGE dog person, I love dogs in fact I love animals and I get that from my father! When my mom heard us talking she quickly jumped out of bed and said she was going with us. Not because she's as big of an animal lover as Dad and I, she was more worried that Dad and I would come home with a whole car full of dogs.

I hurried up throw clothes on and start the car and we are on our way. Mind you this was a 3+ hour drive, from the excitement of going I might of forgot to go the bathroom before leaving the house. Whoops, oh how I felt like I was five again asking Dad to pull over on the next exit to pee although we were driving to the middle of NOWHERE land! Oh the things I do for my babies!

We get there, and let me begin with going to this dog auction was the most upsetting thing for a dog lover like myself. (This is kinda like what is was like) No cameras were allowed or cellphones. So I was unable to take pictures to be able to show you guys. Although they would bring out about 6 dogs at a time, start the bidding, whoever was the highest bidder got to pick which dog the wanted or if they wanted them all. Remind you I was bidding on what I could, although all it was was dog breeders out bidding me. These dog breeders just have lines of credit and buy as many as they want. I swear one lady bought 100 dogs. When they would announce the dogs they would refer to them as if they were cars. (Emma is considered an 07 model, great mother and has a scar showing how wonderful of a mother she is.... Her c-section scar from having babies) On the female dogs they would tell you how many puppies they normally have per litter and when their last heat was. For male dogs, they would talk about "how great he is at getting the job done and I can always count on him." So as I'm sitting here taking all this in, Dad and I threw  up my number trying to get some of these babies so that they would have a better home and now just be used.

Of course English Bulldogs and Frenchies were the LAST to be auctioned off, so we were at this place FOREVER! We arrived around 11am and we left at 7.

So remind you I was already told that any dog that didn't sell would be put to sleep. Well there was a 7 year old corgi, he ended up selling for $7.50 and Dad yelled at me for not getting him. No breeder wanted him because A.) once male dogs turn 5 their sperm count go down and B.) he only had one testicle. He sold around 1pm I kicked my ass for not bidding on him.

So little terriers came out, being growing up we had westies. . . I do have a heart for the little terriers. Although this terrier I had never seen, they were called Norwich. Oh they were so cute! They looked so much like a dirty Westie! So at this time Mom and Dad were getting exhausted, Mom went out side and I heard the guy say " $20......$15. . . $10. . $5, anyone $5?! $1?" I throw my arm up, and the guy says "$2 any, $2?" Dad quickly whips his head around and says WHAT! Did you just buy a dog for a $1! I look at him and say "Yes, Dad I can't let that little guy be killed. I would much rather take him home with us and find him a good home where he isn't just used like a piece of meat!" Dad walks outside and gets Mom, Mom didn't really believe I just bought a dog, but Hey I did!

My little $1 dog on our way home!
We have named him Charlie!

So yes, I do adore doggies. Although in my city there is a 3 dog maximum so I couldn't keep Charlie. I do love him he is a super cuddly lovey dog. Although I'm super happy to tell you all that we have found him a GREAT home, he is going to a friend of my sister in laws. Their 4 year old daughter asked Santa for a dog for Christmas! So we've been working on training Charlie, got him fixed and next week he will be leaving us to go to his new home!

So right after Norwich Terriers were up, English Bulldogs were next. Dad was throwing my number up like there was NO tomorrow! Boy did MOM give us some death looks! We didn't come home with any English. Right after English, out come the Frenchies! Oh how my heart sank. I wanted all 25 of them, I didn't want them to have to breed anymore! So now I begin to throw my number up trying to give one of these dogs a better life, I was getting PISSED about ready to start punching out some breeders. Throughout a bidding war, a breeder finally stopped fight me with Emma. (Oh because she wasn't to go into heat till 1/11/11) I ended up getting Emma for $320, which is cheap for a Frenchie. So I didn't read any info on Emma before winning her. Since I got her so cheap I was figuring she was probably 5-6 years old. I was pleasantly surprised that when we got in the car and I was reading Em's papers I found out that Emma would be turning 3 in just 2 weeks! I'm sure if breeders knew I took her home, got her fixed and now currently dress her in sweaters and cuddle her like there is NO tomorrow.... They'd be PISSED!

So reason I haven't been updating, um training a former puppy mill momma......... Is exhausting. The first week we had her, my parents had went out of town so I was having to bring Emma to work to train with her!

Em alseep under my desk!

Emma is finally starting to get a personality, and wearing people out. She doesn't quite understand why you are NOT to poop in your kennel or in Grandma's house! Or she doesn't understand why Grandma always chases after her when she finds a super fluffy toy! (Grandma's slipper!) Although we are all slowly but surely getting her adjusted! She LOVES Barney, it's rather funny actually. Barney has always been the little butthead to start fighting with other dogs and find it funny, or just walk up to Bella and pull her leg out from under her. Well with Emma at the house, Barney has met his MATCH! Emma just walks up to Barney and pulls his tail! Ha! Lacy on the other hand, doesn't know what to think!

Emma is LOVING her new life!
She will just climb on top of you and sleep!