Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 4

Now for lovely Day 4. . . Yesterday was just another lovely day at the office! Nothing too crazy went down! With today being Tuesday, of course I've been married for 2 months... Kyle and I's big date tonight is . . . drum roll. . . Pillow Shopping! After many nights of Kyle snatching my pillow from under my head at night, I said I had enough. Off to Bed Bath and Beyond we go!

Newest desk accessory
I went to Michael's last week and at the check out they had the bad ass little people! (I of course had to get one for Kyle and I) So I brought mine to work. We named her Midge.

May her surgery begin! Step one soak in water till it stopped bubbling. Who knows if Midge is going to make it.... She never bubbled!

I'm told that in 5-7 days she should be growing grass! Of course picture will be posted of Miss. Midge!

I can not be anymore excited to SCREAM about my excitement for these bad boys! So I love TOMS shoes, I love the cause and not to mention the shoes are beyond comfy! I've been waiting since May for those bad boys! My feet are beyond excited!

Now for the more cuddly aspect of my life!

They are best buddies!!!

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Rizzle said...

Oh, heavens, I think I just died from cuteness overload!!!