Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 6

Happy Thursday All! Yesterday, not a whole alot went on, except I move into a new bigger cubical! :-D And since it was Raining, Kyle and I just watched Weeds! We decided to start at season 1 and watch all the way through!

Here's for the part I promised, my random 5 pictures . . .

I did say WW might come back to my life. . .
Heck yes I packed a baller WWer friendly lunch. . . Aren't you all just so proud. Also that apple, I swear is on steroids it's GIANT! Also, don't be too proud of me, yesterday was a coworkers birthday.... I had Papa John's cheese sticks and garlic butter for dinner! So this will be today's lunch!!!

Oh Kyle!
How I adore my husband! He bought me Toy Story sandwich bags!!!

New Cube!
Although I'm feeling I need a plant on my filing cabinet to the right. Who needs my work address to send me a wonderful plant to fill the homely feel of my newest cube!!! Hmmm Also more pictures and maybe something on the wall to the right too! I LOVE the new cube though!!!!

Soooo..... I feel I need a new USB, I want a USB jump drive that isn't like anyone else's. I want something that I will KNOW if they try to steal it! I have been searching office supply stores and have found nothing that tickled my fancy!

So last night while watching Weeds. . . I found these!

I adventured to Mimobot's website and fell in LOVE. But I don't know which one I want. Help me pick!!!

Sorry for a more boring post today! Till tomorrow my friends!


~Christina~ said...

OMG....I neeeeeeeeed that penguin flash drive.

Ling Ling said...

haha I like the penguin!!

Stephanie said...

uh. penguin. and get me one too! ;)

Becky said...


I love penguins. ☺