Monday, September 27, 2010

Photo Party!!

So the rest of the week, my life will be swallowed up by work. I have a huge deadline to hit by friday. So I will blog away tonight. So lets begin.

(I warn you, you will be attacked with photos!)

FALL . . .
Ahhh the trees are changing and leaves are falling, and the weather is getting chilly! Which means my Uggs and I meet again! As with my TOMS, I highly suggest everyone to own one, or more pairs of Uggs. Basically from September - March I LIVE in Uggs!! I also suggest, don't get the knock off's yeah they might be half the price. But the Uggs last A LOT longer. So spend the extra bucks to begin with so you don't have to buy 2 or 3 pairs for how long the Uggs would last!

Mums just SCREAM fall to me!

ART . . .
Decorated my cube a little bit!!

WATER . . .
My beloved Naglene!

YUMMY . . .
So yes, I am overly obsessed with frozen yogurt. I don't know if I ever mentioned, I drive 30 minutes to get it! Finally within a mile of my house will be FROZEN YOGURT! Yes I've already emailed about a part time job!

I cashed in some of my Nature Made points and got free SoyJoy's!!!

BUG. . .
I went to water Midge, and it looks like she's be whoring her self out... She had a new boyfriend chilling on the blind!

This monster of a bug was in my cousin's car. He had a tragic death.... By a shoe. Look at all those gross guts!

I pulled out my Pandora bracelet (and new Pandora ring!) and have been making sure to wear it on my right hand so I can stay focused on my Weight Watchers!

COOL . . .
I received an cool awesome package from Jess!! With this lovely splat egg!

So I went over to my brother's house, to find my little niece having to wear a cone. Poor girl!
She has an ulcer on her eye and she keeps scratching it and it wasn't healing. So she's stuck with the cone. She's hilarious with it though!

The Letter F. . .
Me and Mr. Barnaby watching the Alabama Game! Yeah, the game got us slightly nervous!

The Letter F again.

So, after BC pill #7 and still having side effects with EVERYTHING. I talked to the husband, and asked how he felt if I went off the pill and we used alternate forms of contraceptives. We both agreed it was fine for my body to have a break.

Well I called the OBGYN, and my regular doctor was gone, and the doctor that put me on zoloft was gone too. I said to have my regular doctor call Monday. Well later that day I got a call from the on call doctor, who pissed me off. He told me that he didn't feel comfortable with me not being on 2 forms of contraceptives and was trying to force upon me the IUD. Which my best friend has the Mirena, and has to have surgery to have it removed. It's not something I've wanted or would think about. After the doctor fighting with me about it, and me say NO, No, NO over and over. I come home to find this today.... Are you fucking kidding.

I'm thinking this is great material to start a fire and roast some marshmallows!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

What a week. . .

So, now that this week is come to an end. I figured I need to spend time to blog, to tell you guys I haven't fallen off the face of the earth and to just express things. Things I need to be able to talk about. (More of therapy for myself, sorry to bore you all)

September 19, I had been looking forward to it all week! It'd officially be Kyle and I's 3 months of marriage! We made it 1/4 of a year! Go us! Little did I know that I would dread the day of September 19. Getting the text from Kyle telling me that our good friend Ralph had passed away. At first I thought he was joking with me. I called Kyle, to hear him crying. Nothing tore me so much in shreds, my husband crying to me and I was 3 hours away. Getting the news our friend had died.

One of the many things I was blessed to have when I started dating Kyle. I was included in his group of friends. Kyle and I started dating, he was at first nervous for me to meet his friends and family. (Which I'm still rather confused about, I'm not that bad of a person am I) I will never forget that day that I met Luke, Brandon, Ralph, Autumn, Zak and Erin. It really doesn't seem like it's been just 5 years, I feel that they have been with me my whole life. Our Happiness begins, Luke and Jeannie get married, (and have little Miss. Maddy) Zak and Erin get married, Brandon goes off to Law School, Kyle and I get married. We were turning into the old married group of friends that you have for life. Just 3 weeks ago, I told Ralph that I do see him and Autumn settling down and eventually getting married. I swore to him that one day he would settle down and the whole party stage would leave. We are the bunch of friends that yeah, we may be a little strange, but we wouldn't change a thing about each other. We love how strange we are. Now being September 25, we all do know that we can make it through think and thin.

So being the strong group we are, we decided we need to make a cross to take to the accident spot. Although, I can't say I've seen just a plain cross at the local craft store. So being that Ralph was so loved by us, I told the gang that I felt we need to be together at this time and build a cross. So off to the local Home depot. Go Big or Go home. Ralph would expect us to go big. So we did!
For us, being together to talk about the wonderful times we had with Ralph we built this lovely cross. We picked to paint it green because Ralph loved Golf, and his favorite color was black! (Yes it was rather hilarious seeing us build this cross, I'm sure Ralph was cracking up laughing at us. In fact, there were times we were cracking up at ourselves.)

Boys putting the cross up!

We love you Ralph!
(In memory, we all wore pink ties (I wore a scarf) to the funeral (we left Frank's in the car))
(HOLY HELL, why did no one tell me I looked like a blimp)

We will never forget the times we've had together. All the times he's made us laugh, his crazy hair, the beloved white suit he showed up in to Zak and Erin's wedding, the many times we got together as a group and Ralph was always the one who was late. The memories just keep flowing, I could keep typing and smiling as I typed them. We will never lose those, or our love for him.

From everything we've been through this week. We've been lucky to become closer to Frank, who was one of Ralph's best friends. Looking back, I really don't know why we never saw Frank very often, I guess Ralph was just hiding him from us. I do feel we will now be having another strong friendship added to our group. (Well, if we don't scare Frank off with our shenanigans.... Which in our group, we are full of them!)

We miss you Ralph!

Sorry if I bored you all with my life, I know that aspect I really don't share. I try to be the one who's always happy go lucky and always wanting to make sure everyone is doing okay and make them smile.

So for the scavengar hunt.

Well one day this week was Sweet!

So my gnomies bring to you, {insert the lovely smell of pumpkin spice Yankee candle} the lovely sweetness of the candle I burn at the office daily, and I think they were deciding on what candies they were going wrestle over!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm slightly confused on what day we are on for the scavengers! I'm not sure what today was, but I wrote down the rest of the week so we shall be good the rest of the week!

Today, I took a HUGE step. I faced that fact that dealing with changing medicines, being put on anti depressants, and having a friend pass away. All of which wasn't helping my waistline. After my much hard work I had done was starting to leave. I was up 20 pounds from the 70 I had lost. I was getting depressed (on anti depressants...) about my weight. So last week I decided that I feel I need to ween myself off the Zoloft and stop my BC. (The headaches still aren't leaving.) So yeah needless to say, my body is in SHOCK. But I feel it's for the best. I want to be able to be ME.

So I went back to good ole meetings.... of course with my tail between my legs like a bad dog.
So before walking into the doors, I decided to tell myself "No matter what the scale says I can't be mad." I know I haven't been good, dealing with more crap then I can handle. But it finally dawned on me that I can't just keep allowing myself to make excuses, if I just kept making more excuse I'd gain back all of the 70 pounds I lost... Not just 20.

Fresh Start!
Yes, I asked that they give me everything new. I wanted a new starting weight and week 1 book and all. I've decided that I need to focus on the new start and not ponder on the past!

So here's to a new beginning!


So Kyle and I went to Hallmark, and on our way home he informed me he wanted ice cream. (incase you all forgot, I'm an Ice Cream/Cupcake junkie) He even offered to take me to Sheridan's; which has my FAVORITE Wedding Cake Concrete!


I Megan W. said NO to Ice Cream. . . The World must be coming to an end!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Who knows what day...

I did have every intent to make sure and update all the days I've been slacking. To be rather honest. I have so much going on right now in life that I'm think let's just keep blogging, but not worry about the date and fulfilling my 365 days.

So let me share my life before tragedy hit me on Sunday!

My little Annie, Oh she is like my little sister! I am extremely protective of her. She called, she wasn't liking school she was having a break down. Last weekend was her sorority Family day. (She's an Alpha Delta Pi)

Annie and I at her High School Graduation!

Aww How can you not love her!
We picked her up and she came down to the lake! Where we had some shopping fun!!!

Interesting Right?
This lovely creature, was in the corner of the Mexican Restaurant my Aunt and I ate at. Hmmm Welcome to Branson, MO folks!

Old Married Hag?!
Of course my Aunt and Annie made fun of me A LOT, because the whole time I was out of town. I seemed to just buy Kyle underwear. Hahaha! ( I did end up buying him a watch for our 3 year anniversary)

Of course Annie and I hunted down an Orange Leaf. Which I will go ahead and throw this out there.... It's not my favorite. I would still pick peachwave over it.

Apples? It's a fruit damnit!
So while eating our frozen yogurt, we see Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory! So we got caramel apples!

Yay! I got the ring I've had my eye on at Pandora for our 3 month Anniversary! And a new charm!

Kyle and I were grocery shopping, and I found this. I couldn't' walk away without taking a picture.

Someone at work loves me!
So after hearing the news our friend passed away on Sunday. I wasn't looking forward to heading to work! I walked in and found a lovely box of muffins! I still have no clue who gave them to me. But they put some what of a smile on my face Monday morning!

Desk Buddies!
My newest purchase last weekend at Yankee Candle! Now my office smells lovely like pumpkin spice!

Monday, September 20, 2010


So this weekend, I had went out of town to see my little cousin Annie for the weekend. The weekend was going fantastic, till I got a text from Kyle. Telling me our friend Ralph had passed away in a car accident. I've been through many deaths through out my life. Never a friend. Why did Ralph have to go, he was only 25. I find myself crying, and praying that Ralph didn't have to suffer. Ralph this post is for you!!

Ralph and I at Erin and Zak's wedding last year!

The boys!!! These boys mean the world to me!

You've always had the moves.

Oh Ralph! We love you and you will be missed!

What the News Released. . .

I'm so sorry

I promise one day I will be able to caught up on blogging one day.

One of Kyle and I's friends passed away in a car accident yesterday morning.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I've won a BLOG award! No Way! I'm flattered! The lovely Kate (The Bumbling of KT Bee) and Julia (Keeping u with Goliath) picked me!!!

So this is how it get tagged, you gush about it (hehe), then you list ten things you like and tag ten of your favorite blogs. AAAAAAAAAND go!

1. Cupcakes
2. Frozen Yogurt
3. Family
4. Colored Pants
5. Short Hair
7. My pups
8. Funny Coworkers
9. Friends
10. Shenanigans!

I tag thee...

1. Jess @ Jessica's Jaunt
2. Joann @ Almost Joann
3. Kelly @ Kohlrabi and Quince
5. Kandyce @Konfessions from Kandyce
6. Jillian @ Jillian's Homemade Jewelry
7. Meagan @ Meagan Like's It
8. Amanda @ AJ's WLJ
9. Rizzle @ Bein' E-Rizzy
10. Melissa @ Running with Needles

Haha! As I was posting this Melissa, I noticed you tagged me too!!!

Day 19 - Terrific Tuesday

I've wanted to start a web blog scavenger hunt. Well with my WWer Gals we've decided to throw one together!!! Yesterday's hunt was to get a picture of a school!

Campbell Middle School
I didn't go to this school, I was what some people would say was the snotty private school kids. Well I don't think I turned out snotty, just awesome! (I took this on the way to work today, by the looks of the sky.... It doesn't look promising. Now it looks like twister might come flying through my window)

I love you new car! My favorite Giant coffee cup fits! Finally I don't have to hold it all the way to work and spill it EVERYWHERE! I knew there was another reason we bought this car!

Meet Yoda
In this picture, right before I took it she was hissing and trying to bite me. Hmmm Yoda is my Aunt's cat, she normally LOVES me. Ya'll wanna know what she was so angry?!

Because of this. . . .
Little ole Yoda had to get shaved yesterday! This time she doesn't look so much like a freak of nature. The first time my Aunt had to do this, I honestly could not stop laughing at Yoda. They had given her the full on lion cut the first time. Her hair around her head stuck out a good 3 inches from her head. They also use to shave completely the tail except the end, it was a ball of fur! Yoda looks half way normal this shaving. Also, My Aunt is what one would call a CAT FREAK. When Yoda comes back from getting shaved, one of the other cats goes psycho on her ass. Being the weirdo my Aunt is (I Love you Favorite Aunt!) she has other crazy cat friends in the neighborhood. The other crazy cat lady told her to spray both cats with perfume so that they don't fight. When she told me this I laughed and asked please tell me you didn't, Oh no.... Both cat's smell like Baby Grace. Little did my Aunt realize, that Yoda was just shaved. I looked at her and said "So when you shave your armpits, when freshly shaved.... It hurts when you put deodorant on! Don't do it to Yoda!" Needless to say not only is Yoda pissed now that she has a FREAK hair do, she also has a rather large red splotch on her skin!

Meet Midges Boyfriend! I'm sending him off to his newest Momma! Mr. Herbert is going on the great travels to good ole Chicago! To be united with his newest family of Jess, Fancy D, Bruno and some kitties!! (I've been pumping him for this big MOVE!)

Till tomorrow lovers!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 18 - Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday my lovers!

Welp, so last night I got a text from my boss asking if I could take him to the airport this morning and work 6 am-2 pm. Of course I said yes. It was a fantastic idea! I text my best friend Shelby who I haven't seen in about a month, and I haven't seen her precious daughter since my wedding. (Which she made the most bad ass flower girl in the world!) It just happened my best friend was off and had nothing to do once I was off!

Who's ready for me to whore out some pictures?!

Happy MONDAY folks!
Of course I took this picture this morning and sent it out to my coworkers.... I mean who else doesn't want to see the bad ass poop pen holder I found, and my midge turning into a grass growing beast! I mean it totally made my Monday awesome! (I warned you all that I enjoy talking about poop and farts!)

This is my precious Lydia! That girl is like my own, I would do anything in the world for her! So today after I text Shelby, Lydia kept asking "Can we see Megan, yet." I arrived at the door, Lydia comes running and screams, runs back to Shelby and starts crying saying "IT'S NOT MY MEGAN." Then it both dawns on us that Lydia hadn't seen me since I cut 10 inches of hair off. Once she heard my voice she came running to give me a hug and kiss!!

Of course we've trained this girl well, she LOVES shopping! So we threw the car seat in my car and off shopping we go!

All I can do is roll out laughing at this picture! Honestly I pray to god each and every night. When Kyle and I decide it's time for me to bear children, I really hope they are as adorable as Lydia and has her rocking personality! I mean for gosh sakes. . . As we were getting out of the car, Shelby asked Lydia if she pooped in her diaper. . You wanna know what this sassy girl's response was. "No, I'm not poopy. . . . I just have GAS." I almost died in the middle of the parking lot laughing. Don't let this 2 year old fool you, she really did have gas.

Now if you've been following the blog religiously, or know anything about me. I'm what one would call slightly obsessed with frozen yogurt! Also for some reason, my city thinks I should drive miles away for it! I found out we were getting a Yogurtini in my city, I hadn't tried it to see if I love it more then I do Peachwave. So today Me, Shelby and the munchkin decided to make a stop at ole Yogurtini. . . 40 minutes from the house. I must say, I do like Yogurtini better then Peachwave! They had more favorites of yogurt to pick from and more toppings. My cup consisted of Original Tart, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake Batter, and Cheesecake yogurt; with rainbow sprinkles, 1 red gummy bear, and NERDS for my toppings!

So I asked Lydia if she wanted to share my ice cream. She said "No, I share with Momma." Next thing I knew, I had put my spoon down and it was snatched and someone was taking over my ice cream! I got my own spoon and we shared!! Although she was bummed she accidently dropped the one red gummy bear on the floor! :-(

. . . . . . Then I got a phone call from my cousin asking if we'd go mattress shopping with her. Well she moves into a new apartment on Saturday, and didn't have a mattress to sleep on. So I looked at Shelby and Lydia and asked if we were up to the challenge!

I asked Lydia if she wanted to go jump on beds! She said "YEAH.... You, Momma, and Me jump on beds!" So of course me being the amazingly awesome "aunt," I let her jump on the beds. (No I didn't get yelled at by anyone that works there, even if I would have there might have been a throw down in the middle of Nebraska Furniture Mart. . . . Bobby Flay style that is!)

Bed after bed, we found the ONE! Kara let's buy this one!!!

We happened to come about a random iMac, so of course we had to give PhotoBooth a whirl. (Although I'm afraid to say their Mac needs to go and see a Mac Genius, it needs some work)


Hope you all have found light through this post. . . take it and run!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 17 - Sadly Sunday

After being a horrible blogger yesterday I was determined to give you a good post, well at least attempt to make a good post.

After a long day of cleaning and lawn work, I was knocked out cold to the world before 8:45 pm. So needless to say, 7 am this morning I was bright eyed and bushy tailed! I decided to make a pumpkin waffle recipe I found on Weight Watcher's website! Anything pumpkin. . . I'm a sucker for it. I don't care what it is, if it says pumpkin this fat girl of course has to try it!

I love making waffles, and I must say with my regular recipe which is no where near WWer friendly; I'm a MASTER! But with this pumpkin waffle recipe it really was challenging. The recipe said to use 1/4 cup of batter for the waffle, and 2 waffles was a serving size. When I used the 1/4 cup, it was pretty much what one would consider a waffle F-A-I-L they were brunt pumpkin crackers. (The dogs sure loved them!)

I finally decided, I'll use the 1/2 cup so one waffle was 4 points. I figured "I got this." Nada I was wrong AGAIN. The recipe said to keep in the waffle iron for 5-7 minutes. At 5 minutes I had some chared pumpkin waffles! At this point I pretty much felt like a waffle failure, I was just tempted to make my regular full fat waffles and call it a day!

It has a little char spots, but otherwise perfect! Perfection! Not to mention delicious. I love waffles because of the crisp. Since there's canned pumpkin in these bad boys, they never got crispy crispy like I like. Although they were still AhhMazing! Even after the challenge this brought to me, I still will make them again! Even the Husband said they were "Damn Good." He also asked if I had anymore, unfortunately I had to tell him well Lacy, Baxter, Barnaby, and Bella ate the rest. (the burnt ones!)

Morning coffee on the porch
Mom and I were sipping coffee, and talking this morning in the front porch. Mostly talking about how I Facebook and Blog too much and she feels I need to stop. Okay, I'll admit I did use to Facebook ALL the time. Since I've started blogging, I can honestly say I don't spend hardly anytime on Facebook anymore. So I decided I will take some time away from the good ole Facebook. (who knows how long this will actually last) I won't quit going on the blog! I adore blogging and I refuse to stop!!

All of the sudden we are just talking away, and I notice the old man neighbor sweeping the STREET! Yup he spent like 15 minutes sweeping the street! Oh lord I can't wait to become old that I have nothing else to do with my life but sweep the street!

Meanwhile watching the old man sweep away, I decided to bring up a visit with my Great Aunt. Mom and Dad went and visited with her last week. I was intrigued when I was told she has a beard! Of course I found this beyond hilarious and was making some bearded woman jokes and what not. I also told mom, that I think I should call and ask for her to come visit so I can see this glorious beard myself!! {envision bearded women}

How have I forgotten!
So I have no clue how I have failed to mention my summer time FAVORITE dinner! Surprisingly I haven't had it all summer until I told Mom we needed to make it! So yesterday off to the store I went! Yes we made the DELICIOUS Herb-Grilled Chicken with Watermelon-Feta Salsa!! Yes I will admit, when Mom first told me she was making this I curled my nose and said it sounded disgusting. Since this fat kid is always down for trying new stuff, I did. Boy and I glad I did. This dinner my friends is beyond delightful! (No. I don't know the points on it. I don't track. . . I have recipe builder but too lazy to put it through it!)

Till Tomorrow Folks!