Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 4

Now for lovely Day 4. . . Yesterday was just another lovely day at the office! Nothing too crazy went down! With today being Tuesday, of course I've been married for 2 months... Kyle and I's big date tonight is . . . drum roll. . . Pillow Shopping! After many nights of Kyle snatching my pillow from under my head at night, I said I had enough. Off to Bed Bath and Beyond we go!

Newest desk accessory
I went to Michael's last week and at the check out they had the bad ass little people! (I of course had to get one for Kyle and I) So I brought mine to work. We named her Midge.

May her surgery begin! Step one soak in water till it stopped bubbling. Who knows if Midge is going to make it.... She never bubbled!

I'm told that in 5-7 days she should be growing grass! Of course picture will be posted of Miss. Midge!

I can not be anymore excited to SCREAM about my excitement for these bad boys! So I love TOMS shoes, I love the cause and not to mention the shoes are beyond comfy! I've been waiting since May for those bad boys! My feet are beyond excited!

Now for the more cuddly aspect of my life!

They are best buddies!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 3. . .

Sorry in advance before you start reading below. I was pretty boring! After staying out till 4 am on Saturday, there was a bunch of NOTHING going on yesterday!

I did decided to drive out to Kansas, and drive on the newly fixed Triangle. And Barrel Bob was chilling out on the side of the highway! Thanks MoDot for putting some something cool into my life. Although a lot of you that read this isn't from good ole MO or KS. Bob, well he always ends up at parts where MoDot is fixing. (Or when 2 lanes of our bridge just fall off and hang out in the trees!) He always seems to come up missing. I think some young teenagers find it a game to steal Bob. I'm still baffled on how they would move him, he's GIANT!
*Bob waves to all my readers*

NOM. . .
I felt since I told myself that I was starting my WWers Monday, I needed a treat! So I made a pit stop at Cupcake A La Mode. I originally was only going to get one cupcake for myself. But I called my big brother, who was hungover from our previous nights shenanigans. He told me he wanted cupcakes and he wanted a variety. So of course I got us a dozen!! Go ahead. . . Drool!

(Show above are Stuffed French Toast, PB&J, Raspberry Lemonade, Amaretto Sweet, Vanilla Creme de Cocoa, ChocoVanillo, Gold Digger, Key Lime, and Mama Mia)

Couch Potato
Of course after our stomach's were full of Mr. Goodcent's subs and cupcakes it was time to make the best of a Sunday. . . Become a fantastic couch potato and watch The Crazies. Thoughts on the Crazies? It was one effed up movie. I don't know how I feel about directors making movies when people get "crazy" from drinking the water.

Now for the more cuddly aspects of my life. . .

My B-Man!
Evidently he feels he needs to shave his face just like Daddy. . . And yes, while taking this picture, Kyle was having fun with Barney. And now Barney has a lovely shaved spot on his ass!

The Moose
That large, blob of fat that I love to use as a body pillow. . . Well in fact Miss Bella loves and adores throw rugs, She loves to fluff every rug in the house. Yesterday I was walking to the bathroom. To find that Bella had fluffied up the bathroom rug to use it as a pillow on her other rug!

Sorry for such a boring post today, I will try and thing of some fantastic thought pondering picture for tomorrow's post. . . Right. So far I've been pretty boring. I wanted to wear lovely purple pants except they are missing. There will have to be some questioning about who and what happened to my pants!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 2

Happy Sunday all! So today's lovely pictures are from last night. We went out of my bosses birthday! I said I'd be DD, so Kyle could drink. (Little did I know, I'm not a camera whore when I'm sober...No pictures of the Birthday Boy on my camera.)

Now for some ole family background about one cool kid named Megan. So lets begin off with when Kyle and I went to our marriage counseling classes, (before we could get married) the one thing he wrote down about my family that bothers him. . . Was that they drink to much. Don't let me fool you, I may not drink a lot; for a girl I can run with them all! Yes, my family is some Happy Hour partiers! For me, they have FINALLY backed of me on drinking with them. ( I refuse to use my points on alcohol, I'd much rather a cupcake!)

So Friday night I went out with my brother, sister in law, and good friend Jason. While we were out my brother and Jason decided to tell Kyle. . ." Tomorrow, you are going to the Science Experiment I never had"

That Husband of Mine. . . And ME!
As you can tell from this picture. . . We had just arrived at the bar and this was Kyle's first drink! (Holy wingage hanging out on my arm!)

I found this rocking wicker bucket chair! It was beyond bad ass and it spinned!!

"The Lab Rat"
As you can tell from this picture, our lab rat did not succeed well in his experiment. Surprisingly after this shot, his dumbass drunk self took another 2 tequila shots.
Yeah, while he was throwing up in the front yard of my bosses yard.... Everyone told me I was a bad wife who just let him be. (I did make sure he still had a pulse every so often, I'm really not the wicked witch of the west!)

Our Professors!
My brother and Jason
(Really Jason and I are really close to, so he's basically a brother too!)

Lastly on a more cuddly note . . .

Don't ya just want to grab her and wrestler her down and use her as a body pillow?!


I do it regularly.

I hope to see you all for wonderful pictures for tomorrows post! I promise that some of you might try and eat your computers!

Much love


Friday, August 27, 2010

Day ONE!

Hello my pretties!

So today I'm in an amazingly awesome Megan mood! So after much randomness of today, I've decided to take on a new challenge! ...Drum Rolll.... I have decided to entertain you for a year, yes 365 days! I plan on bringing the Randomness that I love about myself, all to this blog! I am promising to share my wonderful thoughts. (of course pictures will be included daily) So bring out the laughs, giggles and the "OH MY GOD, NO SHE DIDN'T's"

About me before you jump into my crazy world thinking What the FUCK was I thinking, this girl is crazy! For real, I am slightly crazy and hilarious in my eyes! I enjoy colored pants, (brighter the better) I LURVE cupcakes, I adore my pups, I'm a little crazy for my husband to handle, I talk about poop and farts, I love to tease my hair, my favorite colors are pink and green, I always refer to myself as a fat kid, I hate the color BLUE, I only eat the red sour patch kids out of the package, I am a WWer that's not always on the wagon, I drive a lime green VW bug, I like to play with sidewalk chalk, and kites!

So of course, I will start of with sharing to you the "Life with Megan . . . Day Uno"

My B-Man!
He sure does love his Momma! He was also hanging out all over me while typing this. He wanted to tell ya'll "woof"

Of course I freeze my tits off at work, after many oh so many thermostat wars. I finally gave in. I went to the store to get a snuggie. Although I really had my heart set on a Monkey Snuggie, when I went to the store I couldn't find it. I asked the lady, she rolled her eyes and said "It's 100 degrees outside, the last time I sold one; there was snow on the ground" Rude BIOTCH!

After months of being snuggtastic. . .
I've turned this biotch into a FASHION! Called Megan fashion that is! When I arms get warm I just drop the top of the snuggie! Tada!

Stache Friday. . .
As I've mentioned, I have AWESOME coworkers! When I went to San Francisco, I could a wonderful kit of Day of the week Mustaches! So of course every Friday we have Stache Friday! Yeah, be jealous! Oh and I got glasses!

Holy Silly Bandz
Why Yes I have Silly Bandz and swap with Julia!!

Sorry I didn't post this las night, slightly went out and wasn't expecting it! So also another randomness of my life, as I was eating dinner I decided I wanted my nose repierced! I will make sure I bring to you another amazing post tomorrow! I'm on my mission of being awesome!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Of course right now in my life is crazy. I haven't really updated because I've been dealing with about 1,000 other things that is going on with me right now. Of course since the last month I've been at doctor appointments, calling on call doctors, and going crazy. . . Well let's just say my food selections probably aren't the best for a Weight Watcher! Yeah I'm up some LBS, but I'm alright with that. I've decided lets focus on feeling normal again.

So last night was Kyle's birthday! He told me he wanted waffles! Of course it brought back memories. 5 years ago my Mom's Mom died. Grandma Pape made "the" best waffles! As kids we loved them! When we had to stay home sick and went to Grandma's we always had "Grandma's Waffles", with Smucker's Blueberry Syrup, and a glass of Five Alive! So Last night I decided to break out the waffle iron we got as a wedding gift! ( Thanks Aunt Alisa!) Text my brother's wife for the waffle recipe! (My brother was the one Grandkid that was overly obsessed with Grandma's waffles, he inherited the heart shape waffle iron and recipe!)

(breakfast today of course!)

No worries my friends. . . I will share the recipe our family LOVES with you!

Grandma's Waffles

3 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine
1 Tbsp Vanilla (optional)
2 cups flour
1/2 tsp. salt
1 Tbsp baking powder
2 tsp. sugar

Beat Whole eggs in a bowl until thick.
Beat in milk and melted butter.
Combine remaining ingredients. Sift into egg mixture and beat well.
Bake and serve with desired topping

Enjoy them! I know I DO!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

My life thrown in a bag!

Today, I was going through my purse looking for my Pandora bracelet. I busted out laughing, thinking of the post "Show me yours and I'll show you mine!" That Jess posted. Oh the random-ness of my purse! Haha! Please enjoy the HILARIOUS random crap that I have packed into my purse!

Let's Begin. . .
- Of course the Coach purse (Yes I also got it from the outlet and got a steal of a deal on it)
- Hobo Clutch that I carry as my wallet (Not so much as a steal of a deal, but awesome)
- iPhone
- iPhone car charger
- Sunglasses
- Keys
- Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards
- Birth Control
- Tampons
- Meds
- Orbit Gum
- Tanning goggles
- Book light
- Digital Camera (Not pictured because I was using it)
- 2 camera batteries
- Straws
- Neosporin
- Butter Knife
- One Lucky Troll
- Our cork from our champagne from our Wedding
- Zantac
- Silly Bands
- Chapstick
- Highlighter
- Pen
- Weight Watcher weigh in book
- Breathsavers
- 1 hot roller pin
- 1 snack size baggie full of crunched up pretzels
- 1 of Kyle's contacts
- 1 smushed up WW Peanut Butter & Chip Delight 2pt bar (My current favorite)
- Benadryl anti itch gel
- 3 chopstick helpers
- 2 random candies I have no clue where they are from
- Random letters and envelopes
- Random ponytail holders (most likely hidden under something)
- (not pictured because it's in the Hobo wallet... 4 sets of earrings and a ring on top of the normally wallet crap!)

Needless to say, I found NO Pandora Charm Bracelet! I'm bad about just throwing jewelry in my purse during the day.