Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 8

Friday!! Jessica's (my coworker/close family friend) Wedding Day! She asked me to help set up the reception, so I worked a half day and headed out to work on making her day special!

We meet again!
After staying up late Thursday night finishing up the picture slideshow for her wedding..... Starbucks Grande Nonfat Pumpkin Latte was a MUST!

Casey and Jess!!
I didn't take much pictures. Here's one that was on my camera!

Of course I babyknapped Lexi!
My older cousin's little girl Lexi! Miss Lexi was born 2 days after her favorite Megan! Also being that I know a lot of the wedding party, and guests because I am close with her family. You would believe the amount of people that told me I would be a fantastic Mom and asked when I was going to have one of my own! For once I wasn't told I looked pregnant, just they thought I would be a great mommy to be! Lexi loves her favorite cousin Megan!

Don't think I forgot about "Stache Friday!" So I had told Jessica that since she planned her wedding on a Friday, we were still wearing staches.... It's our thing. The whole week before the wedding she told me no way in hell are staches allowed at the wedding. Well if anyone knows ANYTHING about me, of course I brought staches!

They had a photobooth!!! Heck yes! Elizabeth and I with our staches! Ohhh and not to worry, floating around somewhere we have a picture with Jessica in a stache too! I will scan all of the wonderful photobooth pictures one day!

Oh Jack!
This little man is my cousins son, needless to say. My staches were a hit with the kiddos! Good thing I brought 10 staches!!!


jillian416 said...

You look great with little Lexi!! So happy!!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks Jillian!

I guess that what makes me look like I'm ready to have kiddo's to everyone else!