Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crazy Life

I know you are all probably thinking I left you all, but that's not true. Life right now is just kinda crazy.So now to fill you all in!

First of the year started, so of course that came with a rather large deadline at work! Getting 300+ documents completed by March 31. Lovely right! Well throughout the month of January I finally was able to iron out a system with our team and get a wonderful start. Although many many hours 50 hours at the day job and 30 hour a week at Walgreens. Yeah, I was pretty much wonderwoman! After finally getting a system developed, and told Walgreens that my day job was priority and that I agreed to help out 15 hours a week. Life start calming down for February!

Of course February was starting out and I was feeling confident that I was doing amazing at my job! But of course in the life of Megan, we have to add a twist. I mean why would everything go smooth? I received a call, offering me a job to start working for the Government. Of course I was beyond excited since I have been applying away for Government jobs since I was unemployed in January 2010! At the same time I wanted to be excited, but at the same time I kinda freaked out because I had finally gotten a system with our team and got our project scooting along! As much as I love everyone I work with and adore all my coworkers, I had to remember there's SOOOO much for me with the government! So I put in my 2 weeks, started transition over everything and tomorrow is my Last day with my day job. Tomorrow will be tears.

Ohh not to worry, this isn't all the crazy going on. Not only do I start my new job Monday, it is offically closed on our house Tuesday! Yesterday we met with our Mortageman, and have started our closing process.

As I move on, I will keep living by Grandma's words. . . "Everything Happens for a Reason"

Boy has these last few months proved that! Till next week my loves! To inform you all about my first week at my new job!!