Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 19 - Terrific Tuesday

I've wanted to start a web blog scavenger hunt. Well with my WWer Gals we've decided to throw one together!!! Yesterday's hunt was to get a picture of a school!

Campbell Middle School
I didn't go to this school, I was what some people would say was the snotty private school kids. Well I don't think I turned out snotty, just awesome! (I took this on the way to work today, by the looks of the sky.... It doesn't look promising. Now it looks like twister might come flying through my window)

I love you new car! My favorite Giant coffee cup fits! Finally I don't have to hold it all the way to work and spill it EVERYWHERE! I knew there was another reason we bought this car!

Meet Yoda
In this picture, right before I took it she was hissing and trying to bite me. Hmmm Yoda is my Aunt's cat, she normally LOVES me. Ya'll wanna know what she was so angry?!

Because of this. . . .
Little ole Yoda had to get shaved yesterday! This time she doesn't look so much like a freak of nature. The first time my Aunt had to do this, I honestly could not stop laughing at Yoda. They had given her the full on lion cut the first time. Her hair around her head stuck out a good 3 inches from her head. They also use to shave completely the tail except the end, it was a ball of fur! Yoda looks half way normal this shaving. Also, My Aunt is what one would call a CAT FREAK. When Yoda comes back from getting shaved, one of the other cats goes psycho on her ass. Being the weirdo my Aunt is (I Love you Favorite Aunt!) she has other crazy cat friends in the neighborhood. The other crazy cat lady told her to spray both cats with perfume so that they don't fight. When she told me this I laughed and asked please tell me you didn't, Oh no.... Both cat's smell like Baby Grace. Little did my Aunt realize, that Yoda was just shaved. I looked at her and said "So when you shave your armpits, when freshly shaved.... It hurts when you put deodorant on! Don't do it to Yoda!" Needless to say not only is Yoda pissed now that she has a FREAK hair do, she also has a rather large red splotch on her skin!

Meet Midges Boyfriend! I'm sending him off to his newest Momma! Mr. Herbert is going on the great travels to good ole Chicago! To be united with his newest family of Jess, Fancy D, Bruno and some kitties!! (I've been pumping him for this big MOVE!)

Till tomorrow lovers!


~Jessica said...

YES!!!!!! Herbert!!!! Mine!!!!!! Come to me!!!!

Mrs. W said...

He's chillin in the car till we go to the post office!!

Diana said...

Yay photo scavenger hunt!

Aww poor kitty! :)

Mandie said...

Cute, are you naming these or do they come named? lol

Mrs. W said...

We make up their names Mandie!

Becky said...

Ok, so... I saw those things (Herbet) at the store the other day and laughed out loud and thought of you.
I was so tempted to buy one - but our boss doesn't let us have things like that on our desks at work.

Poo on him!