Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 15 - Finally Friday!

*Throws Confetti*

Finally Friday! Hooray! Also here in good ole MO, it's Red Friday. The first official Chief's game!!! Which means you see people wearing Red Everywhere!

Red Friday!
So of course in the spirt of Red Friday, I broke out my Fire Engine Red Pants! Ahhh! Of course sealed with some awesome TOMS! While on the note of TOMS, I would just like to say. I 'm not the only one with wild and crazy taste in TOMS. Actually both pairs I have are sold out! Ah! They are no longer on TOMS website!

Seriously, these bad boys are the most Ahhmazing things ever! If and when they decided to stop making these.... There will be a serious throw down and I'll be kicking some ass. Watch your self Mars Company!

Mini Wedding Cake Concrete
Well, was a Mini Wedding Cake Concrete! So why haven't I known about this! I drove thru Sheridan's saying "You know what, I want a wedding cake so I'm gonna have one" little did I know they offered it in a mini size! *Swoon*

Stache Friday that is! I was the only one in the office today. . . So it was a lonely Stache Friday!!

Flat Ass?!
Why yes, I suffer from the lack of an ass. Oh and how I busted out laughing at this! Hmmm Maybe I shall check this out at the good ole BB&B!!


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~Christina~ said...

Sheridans is my favorite thing EVER! I am so excited they offer that mini size...I'm gonna go check it out for me and Ms. Katie who's throat is on FIRE with strep. Nothing a little frozen custard won't help..and with a mini size I don't have to feel TOO guilty about having one too :)