Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Before. . .

So Yesterday was day one of the Kansas City Slimdown Challenge! They did request that we did take before pictures with our starting weights!! So Yesterday I asked Kyle to take some pictures. And I must of taken too many pictures of Barnaby as he was growing up.... Because he thinks all pictures are to be of him!

Okay, I think Barney might been some what of a
Camera WHORE!!

And he's STILL trying to get in the picture!!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey all!

Busy life. working 2 jobs is what one might call a strain. I currently should be getting ready to go to a funeral, but I figured as my nails dried I'd update.

So as you can all tell I hadn't been weighed in. Well my life has been what one might call "a hot mess" I haven't been feeling "myself", basically since April. After many and many of doctors visits and calls I'm actually starting to feel better. I did make myself go to weigh in on Friday. I was expecting a gain of 5+, but was greatly surprised to only see 3!!

Also last week at work a friend of mine Ashley had asked me if I was interested in joining her and her mom in the Kansas City Slimdown Challenge! Ashley and I have talked many times about how we both wanted to start eating healthier and lose some weight. Also their might be some prospects that she might be getting "the ring" soon. So of course being the person I am, and truly can't tell anyone no when it's to help me lose weight or motivate them of course I said YES! (I can't tell you the amount of races or "runs" Julia has suckered me into because she knows I can't say NO to her!) Today is the start of the challenge! Hooray!!

I needed a tape measure to take measurements! I had lost mine! YES
KC Slimdown is a 10 week Challenge. So I set my goal to lose 20 pounds in the next 10 weeks!! Now to get in the "Megan WW mode" so I can make it to that goal!

Let's all say a prayer!!

Edit. . . 

On these horridly hot days. . .  Remember Folks, dogs don't like the heat either!! MUST WATCH! Hahahaha. Determination is KEY! I will take Gus' advice in my WL journey!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grocery Stores and Ornaments Oh My!!

What a huge weekend in my life! Of course Trader Joe's opened yesterday! And I'm beyond stoked! I did stop by today... and let me tell you, these bad boys are a foodgasm!

Of course Trader Joe's isn't the last of my excitement! This weekend was Hallmark's Ornament Premiere!

Every year at Christmas time Mom and I always decorate our tree. I was ALWAYS a huge lover of all our Hallmark Ornaments! They were always the first to go on the tree! I always love going and getting the ornaments for each series! I truly always dreamed of being a hallmark girl!

Who would of thought that when I fast forward years, that my Mother in Law would adore Hallmark Ornaments and sell them on Ebay! Who would of also thought my Brother would of married a daughter of a Hallmark V.P. Yeah so pretty much my heart fluttered too when I came into this awesomeness of life!

Oddly Kyle and I only had a Christmas tree up at our apartment for one year.... But we made up by not having it the year before by keeping it up and turning it on every night until at least birthday!! (March 29) So of course once I got our own tree.... I had to get ornaments!

When I lived at home, I had a lot of the Barbie series, which I'm still rather confused about myself. I really didn't like Barbies as a kid.

Last Christmas, (our first year as a married couple) I had decided of course I wanted to start a series!! When the Wishbook came out, I flipped to the page of "first in the series" and I see this glorious little thing!!

Seriously what are the odds? I wanted to start a series and a cupcake series comes out!! Score! Of course I woke up at bedhead and all to get that bad boy!!

Today was the start of the release of ornament. There were only 2 I really needed today. Not knowing if I'd have time to make it, I made sure my MIL both knew what to grab me so I would miss out!! Because 2 years ago I missed out on Season's Treating first in the series and I can't find it! Ugh! Hey but I got #2 and I needed #3!!

I got #3 of Season's Treating! And of course the first of the Pixar Series!!! Let me put in a disclosure. I was willing to take on the risk of fighting an old crazy ornament lady if they tried to take UP away from me. I too can turn just as crazy!

Oh not to worry, my cupcake series comes out in October and I will take on any other crazy women then!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Day has finally arrived!!

That Kansas City has a Trader Joe's! Almost 5 years ago I became a good ole Weight Watcher and all these women on the message boards would talk about going to Trader Joe's and BJ's Wholesale. I was completely confused, of course I had to use that glorious invention called Google and check this out.

While doing my google search I discovered that Trader Joe's was like our local Whole Foods.... But better and cheaper! SCORE! And BJ's was kinda like if Costco and Sam's club had a baby... It's name would be BJ's Wholesale!

I do have to admit, I do have a slight addiction to Grocery stores... So of course I was telling my parents about TJ and BJ's and that we need some in KC. But I'm just one little girl with a little voice.

January 2010, my parents were at the condo in Florida and Mom calls me laughing. And informed me "Your Dad and I always laughed that you talked about BJ's Wholesale.... But we now have a membership!" hooray!! And yes, 2 weeks later when I flew down to visit, of course our first stop had to be at BJ's. I loved it!

Since I already had BJ's in my life I was cranky I hadn't been able to fulfill my TJ dream!! Yes many talks were talked about driving to St. Louis to go to Trader Joe's but with Kyle and I's schedule it just wasn't working out! Then I had noticed the group on Facebook... "Bring  Trader Joe's to the Kansas City Metro!"Of course I joined, to find fellow people that wanted Trader Joe's just as much as me!

So needless to say, when It was announced about a year ago that Trader Joe's was coming to KC.... My heart fluttered! I've stalked the store many times and was bound and determined I will be there..... Well today July 15 has arrived and we officially have 2 TJ's in KC! *throws confetti* Of course I was going to be there when the doors opened! 8 am baby!!

Of course I arrived at 7:15.... And they were already lined up! I'm not the only crazy TJ fan!
Love at First Sight!

My Fellow TJ lovers!!
We are walking in kids!! They had all the workers handing out
flower leis and cheering us in! 
Yeah I know your heart is fluttering too!
Giant Checkout line. . . 
Cart of Goodies
On our way home!

All my Goods for today!!!
I only spent $65!!
I {puff heart} Trader Joe's

Today's Blogging Assistants! 

EDIT: I almost forgot.... These bad boys are the best things EVER. 

I've almost eaten them all!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I haven't had time to update latley. Of course I have had mandatory 16 hours of over time this week and I still had to work at Walgreens, I don't believe people would be to happy if there was no Pharmacy Tech so they couldn't get their meds that day because the Pharmastic isn't wonderwoman!

So Today's update is going to be PICTURES Galore!!

So Yes you all know how I've become in LOVE with couponing! So I figured I'd share my stock pile coming a long!

The growing stockpile in the garage....
Stuff that won't get harmed by heat!
The stockpile growing in the linen closet!
I most certainly is proud of my stock pile growing!!

For all those who adore my little children!!!! They are of course LOVING having their "own" house!! And their backyard!!!
Barney and Emma are so happy! 

. . . . Well Emma is so Happy until my Dad comes over to mow the backyard. And Emma gets P-I-S-S-E-D!
Barney is more worried about biting Emma's legs while she tells Grandpa "who's boss"

She makes DAMN sure that she makes it aware that she's the boss

Although being a  "Becky Badass" is hardwork ya know....
Tough life being Emma

Also Kyle and I a few months ago decided that our "puppy mill" momma has graduated to be an awesome pup and go to the dog park for her first visit.

At first she really didn't know what to do, and had nothing to do with any other dogs.......

Until she saw another owner playing with his dog and a tennis ball.... And Emma swipped their tennis ball away from their pup.

But the nice old man was nice enough to tell Emma she could keep it and that he had 6 others in the car!!
Why Yes my dog is cooler than yours!

Lastly, I am in need of Kelloggs cereal UPCs. Last year I bought 2 boxes of Kelloggs, and got an awesome "Dig Em' " reuseable bag, I adore my dig Em bag. I use him EVERYWHERE!! And Kelloggs is doing it again! So I'm in need of Kelloggs UPC's

If you have some and are willing to send them to me, shoot me an email and I'll send you my address to mail them to me!!!
Dig 'Em!!

Much love my lovers!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011


Call me a crazy old lady.... But coupons make me so happy! I never, never, NEVER thought I would get into coupons. With all the years of working at Walgreens and all the women I wanted to strangle. I never thought it'd happen. But I'm a whole different type of couponer, I won't wipe the shelf clean. I mean really does anyone really need 50 body washes. Ugh NO.
And to be bluntly, I will drive to 4 different stores so I don't wipe the shelf. I also don't bitch, tell anyone to go look in the back, or whine that theres a limit.

As I started couponing I have always told myself to remember that lady I wanted to choke out in the middle of the parking lot.... I don't want anyone to feel that way. (also when I got home tonight.... Go figure, I wasn't watching the cashier at Walgreens, I got screwed out of a dollar. Oh well)

So here's today's run!

I haven't worked on all the totals. That will be tomorrow and I will get back with ya! I'm tired! Couponing is hard work!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Being a lovely holiday weekend. I have several little friends! Mom and Dad went to the lake, which means Megan's in charge! Kyle's at our house, so I have 5 little friends in Mom's bed with me!!

Yeah little room for me!

Also being a Holiday Weekend, means Aunt Megan is in Charge at my Brother's house too!

Evidently Aunt Megan coming over at 7:30am is unacceptable in Gracie's world!

But as usual they love when Aunt Megan's in charge!

So last night I agreed to go to City Market with Miss Julia! The plan was to be at her Mommy's house at 8:30. Around 8:25 I was trucking along when I here *pop* them *bmmrmmmb* I pull over to see welp I have a flat. Oh hell! I call Julia, she says okay I'll come find you.

Umm. So I guess it's a little more than a slight flat....I down right blew that tire! Once Julia the great arrived, wrestled the jack and the car was coming off the ground we noticed the massive hole! As my husband said when he say the tire in person, he was actually impressed at how giantantic of a hole I put in that bad boy. My response was to him. You know my motto is Go BIG or Go Home.... He informed me next time to go home! Bwahaha!

Thank Honda for the worlds smallest jack... We (As I say we... I mean Julia, I was in charge of pictures!) spent the most time slowly put surely jacking the car up!

One sign of a True Best friend..... When she's the most awesomest person EVER. Jacks your car up, Takes the flat off, puts the dounut on!

I may not have TONS of friends, but Mine will do ANYTHING for me!

Yeah if I were you..... I'd be jealous you don't have a best friend like I do! Julia is pretty much a Haus! Oh and go figure, when I pull in residential neighborhood I happen to park right in front of a house who had 2 pit bulls who were "supervising" us! You also wouldn't believe the amount of men that drove past us on bike and in cars.... And didn't stop to help us, it was down right baffling!

Another sign your best friend rocks.... . As we pack the flat in the trunk and pack up our shit. She says "I'll drive your car over to my Moms to make sure it's ok, my keys are in my floor board" Yup she knows me well enough to know I was scared shitless to drive it after the horrid sound it was making earlier!

Arriving at Julia's Moms! Off to the market we go! I came home with Tomatoes, Blueberries, Peaches and Spices. I actually am jealous of Julia, she packed up on lots of veggies. I wish I liked Veggies to be daring and try new stuff!

Of course they had amazing fresh cut flower, if the line wasn't forever long I would of got some. But patients and me, don't always work out! Not only was there fresh cut flowers there were planted plants too!!

What a gorgeous BLUE orchid. On sale for $15 for 4th of July. If I wasn't a horrible Orchid mom, I would of got it. Maybe next time!

Once we arrive back at Julia's Mom's house 5 minutes later my husband shows up swaps me cars and takes it to get fixed!! Why yes Five for Friday is true! My car currently has a brand new tire, new donut, and washed! Ahh.

When I got back to Lees Summit I stopped at a new cupcake store that's been open for a month now and every time I go, they are closed. It's Called "In the Middle Cupcakes" of course all their cupcakes are filled with something. They are .50 cents less per cupcake than Smallcakes. But, really Smallcakes does so many promotions I really haven't paid much for any of the cupcakes I've gotten from them. I order 3 cupcakes...

Key Lime, Turtle and Yummy Yellow!

They are currently still sitting on the kitchen table, yet to be tried!

Cuddly Aspect...

My exhausted "little black pup." I'm slightly scared for Monday, not completely sure how she'll react to fireworks!

Speaking of Monday, 4th of July!! It's Really hard to believe 12 years ago, early Morning we got a call from our good friends saying "Molly had her babies, Megan needs to come over and pick what she wants!" Mom wakes me up to tell me to get up we were going to Terry and Rex's house! I loved going there, they had Molly and Alex... Who were 2 miniature dachshunds! And Molly was pregnant with Babies and one of them was to be MINE!! Mom did tell me why we were going, we get there. I go in the house, see Alex ask where Molly was. I was told downstairs in the basement! I run downstairs to see Molly nursing 5 babies!!! Yay! Terry comes down asks me which one I want! I look at all the little babies, all still with their eyes closed. I had already known I wanted a girl.... I look at them and there was one little fiesty girl, who was getting pissed with everyone. She was biting at all the other babies! I looked at Terry and said THAT ONE!

Of course 12 years later she still is fiesty! Also seeing others with dachshunds, that are younger than Lacy. Lacy has aged awesomely!!

Momma's baby girl! I'm one proud mom! When she was so little, I would of never thought the day she would be 12. It scares the SHIT out of me, that Dachshunds Life Expectancy is 12-15 years. One reason I made sure that on our Wedding day Lacy was in a picture, and why we got professional pictures done of the dogs. Some one better have a full bottle of zanex on hand for me and lots and lots of cupcakes and ice cream for me if anything ever happens to my Baby girl!

Alright kiddos, the last 2 nights I've had a total of 8 hours of sleep. So it's nap time with the pups!

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Five for Friday

Alright so having Weigh in at 8:30 am, Working at Walgreens 9am-1:30pm, then 3pm-12:30am at DHS (yup off an hour early! Woot) I'm a little late on my Five for Friday, but wouldn't miss it for anything!

1. I love you that you are my own special Jimmy Johns delivery guy who delivers directly to my car at work!

2. You know how to make the perfect amount of sweet tea and unsweetened!

3. I love that you decided to go with me to see Bridesmaids instead of Bad teacher!

4. It puts a smile on my face when you ask "the kids" if they want to go play soccer in the backyard

5. I love that you always take my car in for oil changes and everything car related you take care of!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's FRIDAY!!

Lord! I'm normally on who doesn't have a hard time falling asleep. That is evidently until I volunteer to be to work in the pharmacy today. Nothing like going to bed at 4.30am and waking up at 7:30am to weigh in and head into work. I've weighed in!!!

Weekly Weigh in: -4.6
Total: -4.6


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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Almost Friday!!

Which means almost weigh in. Oh and I can NOT express how excited I am for weigh in. Oh how I've missed the "game" of weight watchers!!! I truly had forgotten how much weight watchers really does make me happy! I love not feeling like crap! Wahoo! Geez I sound like a walking advertisement! Not that I need to really tell ya'll, most of ya'll are my WW buddies that I can count on for support!! Oh yeah thanks for that by the way!!

Now for what's gone on in this hot as HELL week!! Well let's first take a peak into the greatest aspect of a fat kid.....

Truly I thought my life was complete having Smallcakes, (which I wore my smallcakes shirt today and did them lots of FREE advertising... Damnit they owe me cupcakes for that!) FROYO, and Noodles Co. All with in walking distance of my house!! *Cue in angels singing*
(I guess I should also add that I also have McDonalds, Wendy's, and Taco Bell..... True fat kids dream ya know!)

Well that was until last week....

JIMMY JOHNS OPENED! Not joking you, I saw the sign 3 weeks ago, that they were coming. Ummm a week and a half later they are open... Not only are they freaky fast at delivery.... They are freaky fast at opening! Also I have NO shame in the fact Monday will mark their 2 weeks of being open, and I'm the "mayor" on foursquare!

Being the wonderful fat kid I've always been... I had never adventured to try their lettuce wraps. Well that is until I'm a WWer again. I ventured to try the Vito (#5) with hot peppers on a lettuce wrap! Holy bejesus, why had no one told me how amazing this was!!! So now that I've released the secret, sent out the memos......

Also please notice Fiesta's newest color Marigold!!

Go try this bad boy!! Amazingly filling Vito Lettuce wrap and pickle with a diet coke... Only 9pt+!! 
*cue the angels again*

Okay okay. So I haven't just ate all week! I evidently found my "crafty" underpants!

I have been working on my newest blanket! Crocheting my life away.... I would be farther if my work didn't think a crochet needle was a weapon and let me crochet on my breaks in the break room. Can we say LAME-O!

Go figure I fall in love with this yarn, buy 2 balls to get started. Go back to buy more and only to find out they don't carry it anymore. Hello Plan B, let's put our thinking caps on!

For all those who were friends on Facebook with me. I expressed my love to want to have a Big Ass Flowered Broach collection. Well folks, I decided to take a more adventurous route. . . {drum roll please} . . .

Heck Yes! I managed to make me a Big Ass Flowered Broach ID badge holder! Now to begin to make them in every color for Every outfit!!

Crafty weekend project.... My work friend wants a dinosaur badge holder! Hopefully what I have in mind works! I will share next week!

Till tomorrow kiddies! I will make a short post after weigh in! I promised Walgreens I would go slave and count some pills tomorrow before work!

On the more cuddly aspect of my life!

Yeah I kinda love them too!!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Day off!

Oh they joys of working 4 10's is I get the pleasure to have Tuesdays all to myself.

First off, the last 4 days back on the WW wagon have been awesome! Believe it or not... This girl is tracking. Well 70% of the time! Ha. I am still that glorious scale whore I've always been. Slowly but sure ounce by ounce the scale is getting lower! I might be going into work at the pharmacy before work on Friday.... So weigh in results might be Friday. So I shall all spill my guts either Thursday or Friday!

As some of you might know, since the horrible tornados decided to do some major damage to MO. I felt horrible how little I could do to help. I then decided that I was going to start couponing so that I too could have a stockpile so I would have to donate. I have done a couple of trips to the ole CVS and Walgreens and the stockpile has begun! My husband does laugh at the amount of razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste we have! Needless to say our teeth are set to be clean for Months and clean shavin in our house hold!

On Sundays after I get off at Walgreens, I head home to start making my lists and planning out where to go and what coupons! So that on Tuesdays I head out and do my damage! Yesterday I called Mom asking if she wanted to join for today's adventures!

Today we headed out to Walgreens and CVS. First stop Walgreens so that we could return Moms stuff that didn't ring up correctly from the distaster of our systems completely crashing company wide Sunday. After all our planning and scouting out. I come home with all these goodies!!

Spending a grand total of $30..... And still having $16.79 in store buck for next weekends Trip! So technically I spent a whopping $13.21! Hooray! Oh heck yes there's more toothpaste haha! Also how could I forget even in the crazy madness of couponing of course we had to stop to fill our tummy's! I introduced Mom to the lettuce wrap at Jimmy Johns!! Nom nom!

After coming home, finding my husband at the house and informed me we are off to date night!! Off to Spin Pizza we went! We had never been, I was slightly scared. Pizza is a trigger food for me! I was damn proud of myself! I split a pizza with Kyle. Got Chicken and Pesto on whole wheat crust! I haven't calculated points yet.... But my stomach did approve!!


He then told me we were heading to the movies! But our movie wasnt to start for an hour and fifteen minutes. So I wanted to make a pit stop at Macy's because Fiestaware's limited edition color made it to shelves this week! So I stopped picked up 2 placesetting of dishes! Marigold and Paprika! (I'm a year behind on picking up paprika!)

((major fail... I didn't take a picture, and since I'm blogging from my seat at the movies. Sorry Folks!!))

As I type to you all we wait for Bridesmaids to begin!! Yay I'm stoked!!

Now off to laugh my butt off!!

Now that I discovered fancy BlogPress.... I can update you all the amazing randomness I love in life!!

Photo to make ya'll smile!

I was laying on the kitchen floor playing with Mr. Barnaby and Emma! Barney thought he needed to lay on top of me for a nap!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Five for Friday

Weekly as I read Meagan's Five for Friday blogs, I have decided I will follow her foot steps too!

1. You accept me being a crazy dog lady. . . And secretly love all three of the crumb crunchers just as much as I do.

2. You have taken over handling the cable company about trying to get the cable fixed so I can watch my DVRs. . . One day soon hopefully.

3. Your  morning text messages I wake up to saying you love me!

4. Every time you go to the gas station, you buy me 10 CHERRY airheads! You know they are my favorite!

5. You told me you'd handle the dishes after lunch yesterday! 

When it Rains. . . It down right pours!

This week has been one HELL of a week to say the least. Waking up to my alarm, to remind me to get my ass out of bed to go to weight watchers I wake up to more bad news. A possible financial brick wall. I bitched, moaned, whined, and cried. Talked myself out of going to weight watchers. I called Mom told her, and she said we would go when it was a better time for me.

After more scuffing my feet around the house, crying, pissed off, and talking to myself. Weight Watchers is the one thing I need when my life comes crashing down. I mean when I was laid off and that put a financial hurt on us, I didn't quit. So if I needed to have more credit card debt for me to be able to be healthier, so be it. I've already realized by not having someone else weigh me in doesn't work for me.... Major FAIL. I always reason with my scale.... (Oh I'll only eat that cupcake this time, well until the next day comes and I eat another damn cupcake)

I called Mom back, told her that I've decided that I'm not going to allow my life crashing down stop me from weight watchers. This is what I need to help build me up.  My Mom told me she had been thinking and she feels I need happiness in my life and she wants to pay for my monthly pass. I truly do have the worlds greatest mom. I throw clothes on and head up to weight watchers seeing my old leader Casey. Who said she was happy to see me back.

So I'm back in the game, even after what one would call one of my worst weeks of my life.

Weigh in results next week folks!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hiya! So I really do still exist. I'm still living the crazy life, and make it as awesome as one can. I am proud to announce to all my WW lovers, that after going on a eating rampage and playing the game of "EVERYTHING IS FREE OF POINTS!!" 30 pounds later, I'm completely disappointed with myself. Yeah Yeah, I gained 30 pounds of my 70. But I'm going to be an adult about it, say "hey it was fun" now back to the basics.

Tomorrow I'll be up at 8:30 am (yup even after I get home from work at 1:30 am) and meet that wonderful ole Weight Watcher scale again... This round with my momma. Since I'm away from my TRUE WW weigh in lover.... Julia, I must fill her void with someone! So momma it is!

As much as I beat myself over these 30 pounds. I remember to myself that while working my ass off to lose that 70 pounds, I remind myself that I was unemployed for 6 months of that year. I actually would get bored and just go to work out classes. I was pretty much a 24 hour fitness work out class junkie.... Well until that day after I had already lost 60 pounds and the water aerobics instructor asked when my baby was due and what exercises I shouldn't be doing..... In front of the whole class. Me and 24 hour fitness, ended our relationship. Now with 5 months left on my membership, I'm taking the big step of being a workout whore again. And will be attending my old water aerobics again.

Yup, I'm chunky. I know this. So if someone has baby questions...... I might just get ninja skills out!

I will come crawling back to you when the scale says 2_ _. Again. I will bitch, I will complain and I will move on. It's a number, I'm awesome and I CAN see ONELANDER again. I know I can!

Adios my lovers, and my greatest support system! Till tomorrow the inner fat kid in denial comes out!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am getting back in the grind

So I will try my hardest to be a better blogger. Life is pretty much a blur, I have officially been at my government job for 3 months!!! Scary, I've been away from you all for 3 months! Of course I've been still working at Walgreens, so my life has been a bit mad house crazy. ( I haven't even seen my best friend Julia, UGH) Although I have officially been working in Pharmacy so I'm thinking about cutting down my hours at the good ole Walgreens!

Ohhh and Monday was my first official stupid holiday working for the government..... It was AMAZING!

We have moved in and loving the house...... I promise I will take pictures of the house and update for you!! Give a women some time!!

Also, since Jess doesn't like posts without pictures. . . .  Here ya'll go!

Momma's Princess!
Lacy Girl 

Momma's Handsome Little man

Our newest addition! 
Emma Girl! 
It's already been 6 months she's been with us, and she's perfect!!

Yes, I'm that crazy "dog" momma. I had the kids get their pictures taken, mostly because Lacy turns 12 this 4h of July and she was my very first dog, and boy does she act like it. She is momma's spoiled princess and has NO shame in admitting it!