Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Day off!

Oh they joys of working 4 10's is I get the pleasure to have Tuesdays all to myself.

First off, the last 4 days back on the WW wagon have been awesome! Believe it or not... This girl is tracking. Well 70% of the time! Ha. I am still that glorious scale whore I've always been. Slowly but sure ounce by ounce the scale is getting lower! I might be going into work at the pharmacy before work on Friday.... So weigh in results might be Friday. So I shall all spill my guts either Thursday or Friday!

As some of you might know, since the horrible tornados decided to do some major damage to MO. I felt horrible how little I could do to help. I then decided that I was going to start couponing so that I too could have a stockpile so I would have to donate. I have done a couple of trips to the ole CVS and Walgreens and the stockpile has begun! My husband does laugh at the amount of razors, toothbrushes and toothpaste we have! Needless to say our teeth are set to be clean for Months and clean shavin in our house hold!

On Sundays after I get off at Walgreens, I head home to start making my lists and planning out where to go and what coupons! So that on Tuesdays I head out and do my damage! Yesterday I called Mom asking if she wanted to join for today's adventures!

Today we headed out to Walgreens and CVS. First stop Walgreens so that we could return Moms stuff that didn't ring up correctly from the distaster of our systems completely crashing company wide Sunday. After all our planning and scouting out. I come home with all these goodies!!

Spending a grand total of $30..... And still having $16.79 in store buck for next weekends Trip! So technically I spent a whopping $13.21! Hooray! Oh heck yes there's more toothpaste haha! Also how could I forget even in the crazy madness of couponing of course we had to stop to fill our tummy's! I introduced Mom to the lettuce wrap at Jimmy Johns!! Nom nom!

After coming home, finding my husband at the house and informed me we are off to date night!! Off to Spin Pizza we went! We had never been, I was slightly scared. Pizza is a trigger food for me! I was damn proud of myself! I split a pizza with Kyle. Got Chicken and Pesto on whole wheat crust! I haven't calculated points yet.... But my stomach did approve!!


He then told me we were heading to the movies! But our movie wasnt to start for an hour and fifteen minutes. So I wanted to make a pit stop at Macy's because Fiestaware's limited edition color made it to shelves this week! So I stopped picked up 2 placesetting of dishes! Marigold and Paprika! (I'm a year behind on picking up paprika!)

((major fail... I didn't take a picture, and since I'm blogging from my seat at the movies. Sorry Folks!!))

As I type to you all we wait for Bridesmaids to begin!! Yay I'm stoked!!

Now off to laugh my butt off!!

Now that I discovered fancy BlogPress.... I can update you all the amazing randomness I love in life!!

Photo to make ya'll smile!

I was laying on the kitchen floor playing with Mr. Barnaby and Emma! Barney thought he needed to lay on top of me for a nap!

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~Christina~ said...

Oooh....how was the movie? I heard it was hysterical but will probably wait for it to come out on DVD. I haven't talked to you in forever...how is the new house? I went to go FB you the other day and saw your profile was gone...did you guys put a hiatus on FB? :) xoxo

Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

What is blogpress?? i want!!

I need to go on a coupon adventure with you soon.

Are you busy Saturday morning? Want to go the farmers market with me??

I want to try spin! I use to make their pizza crust.

Mrs. W said...

@ Christina, yes I loved Bridesmaids! Great movie!!! Kyle even liked it! We were debating between Bridesmaids and Bad Teacher! House is good! Silly you have my number! You can text!!

@Julia Blogpress is an app on my phone so I can update everywhere and anywhere! Holla!
I tend to go on my coupon adventures on Tuesday. Although since Monday is the 4th of July and I have to work Tuesday I will probably go then! (Also if you are wanting to start couponing buy this weekends newspaper for sure! 3 inserts of coupons this week!!)

Yes I volunteered to work at Walgreens at 9 both Saturday and Sunday. We are short since one of my coworkers passed away :-( I do wanna go to the farmers market though! I'll talk with my manager this weekend to see if I can have off July 16th so we can go! Deal? (And TJ opens the 15!!)

Spin was amazing! I wanna go back! Maybe you should come see the house... I have a Spin down the street from me. Truly.... I have almost everything down the street from me.