Saturday, July 2, 2011

Five for Friday

Alright so having Weigh in at 8:30 am, Working at Walgreens 9am-1:30pm, then 3pm-12:30am at DHS (yup off an hour early! Woot) I'm a little late on my Five for Friday, but wouldn't miss it for anything!

1. I love you that you are my own special Jimmy Johns delivery guy who delivers directly to my car at work!

2. You know how to make the perfect amount of sweet tea and unsweetened!

3. I love that you decided to go with me to see Bridesmaids instead of Bad teacher!

4. It puts a smile on my face when you ask "the kids" if they want to go play soccer in the backyard

5. I love that you always take my car in for oil changes and everything car related you take care of!

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