Monday, July 25, 2011


Hey all!

Busy life. working 2 jobs is what one might call a strain. I currently should be getting ready to go to a funeral, but I figured as my nails dried I'd update.

So as you can all tell I hadn't been weighed in. Well my life has been what one might call "a hot mess" I haven't been feeling "myself", basically since April. After many and many of doctors visits and calls I'm actually starting to feel better. I did make myself go to weigh in on Friday. I was expecting a gain of 5+, but was greatly surprised to only see 3!!

Also last week at work a friend of mine Ashley had asked me if I was interested in joining her and her mom in the Kansas City Slimdown Challenge! Ashley and I have talked many times about how we both wanted to start eating healthier and lose some weight. Also their might be some prospects that she might be getting "the ring" soon. So of course being the person I am, and truly can't tell anyone no when it's to help me lose weight or motivate them of course I said YES! (I can't tell you the amount of races or "runs" Julia has suckered me into because she knows I can't say NO to her!) Today is the start of the challenge! Hooray!!

I needed a tape measure to take measurements! I had lost mine! YES
KC Slimdown is a 10 week Challenge. So I set my goal to lose 20 pounds in the next 10 weeks!! Now to get in the "Megan WW mode" so I can make it to that goal!

Let's all say a prayer!!

Edit. . . 

On these horridly hot days. . .  Remember Folks, dogs don't like the heat either!! MUST WATCH! Hahahaha. Determination is KEY! I will take Gus' advice in my WL journey!!

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