Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So I haven't had time to update latley. Of course I have had mandatory 16 hours of over time this week and I still had to work at Walgreens, I don't believe people would be to happy if there was no Pharmacy Tech so they couldn't get their meds that day because the Pharmastic isn't wonderwoman!

So Today's update is going to be PICTURES Galore!!

So Yes you all know how I've become in LOVE with couponing! So I figured I'd share my stock pile coming a long!

The growing stockpile in the garage....
Stuff that won't get harmed by heat!
The stockpile growing in the linen closet!
I most certainly is proud of my stock pile growing!!

For all those who adore my little children!!!! They are of course LOVING having their "own" house!! And their backyard!!!
Barney and Emma are so happy! 

. . . . Well Emma is so Happy until my Dad comes over to mow the backyard. And Emma gets P-I-S-S-E-D!
Barney is more worried about biting Emma's legs while she tells Grandpa "who's boss"

She makes DAMN sure that she makes it aware that she's the boss

Although being a  "Becky Badass" is hardwork ya know....
Tough life being Emma

Also Kyle and I a few months ago decided that our "puppy mill" momma has graduated to be an awesome pup and go to the dog park for her first visit.

At first she really didn't know what to do, and had nothing to do with any other dogs.......

Until she saw another owner playing with his dog and a tennis ball.... And Emma swipped their tennis ball away from their pup.

But the nice old man was nice enough to tell Emma she could keep it and that he had 6 others in the car!!
Why Yes my dog is cooler than yours!

Lastly, I am in need of Kelloggs cereal UPCs. Last year I bought 2 boxes of Kelloggs, and got an awesome "Dig Em' " reuseable bag, I adore my dig Em bag. I use him EVERYWHERE!! And Kelloggs is doing it again! So I'm in need of Kelloggs UPC's

If you have some and are willing to send them to me, shoot me an email and I'll send you my address to mail them to me!!!
Dig 'Em!!

Much love my lovers!!!

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Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

I laughed so hard I cried a little.

I love Em so much. Seriously, she has grown sooo much.

You should be seriously proud of what you have given her: happiness.