Monday, July 4, 2011


Call me a crazy old lady.... But coupons make me so happy! I never, never, NEVER thought I would get into coupons. With all the years of working at Walgreens and all the women I wanted to strangle. I never thought it'd happen. But I'm a whole different type of couponer, I won't wipe the shelf clean. I mean really does anyone really need 50 body washes. Ugh NO.
And to be bluntly, I will drive to 4 different stores so I don't wipe the shelf. I also don't bitch, tell anyone to go look in the back, or whine that theres a limit.

As I started couponing I have always told myself to remember that lady I wanted to choke out in the middle of the parking lot.... I don't want anyone to feel that way. (also when I got home tonight.... Go figure, I wasn't watching the cashier at Walgreens, I got screwed out of a dollar. Oh well)

So here's today's run!

I haven't worked on all the totals. That will be tomorrow and I will get back with ya! I'm tired! Couponing is hard work!

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