Friday, July 15, 2011

The Day has finally arrived!!

That Kansas City has a Trader Joe's! Almost 5 years ago I became a good ole Weight Watcher and all these women on the message boards would talk about going to Trader Joe's and BJ's Wholesale. I was completely confused, of course I had to use that glorious invention called Google and check this out.

While doing my google search I discovered that Trader Joe's was like our local Whole Foods.... But better and cheaper! SCORE! And BJ's was kinda like if Costco and Sam's club had a baby... It's name would be BJ's Wholesale!

I do have to admit, I do have a slight addiction to Grocery stores... So of course I was telling my parents about TJ and BJ's and that we need some in KC. But I'm just one little girl with a little voice.

January 2010, my parents were at the condo in Florida and Mom calls me laughing. And informed me "Your Dad and I always laughed that you talked about BJ's Wholesale.... But we now have a membership!" hooray!! And yes, 2 weeks later when I flew down to visit, of course our first stop had to be at BJ's. I loved it!

Since I already had BJ's in my life I was cranky I hadn't been able to fulfill my TJ dream!! Yes many talks were talked about driving to St. Louis to go to Trader Joe's but with Kyle and I's schedule it just wasn't working out! Then I had noticed the group on Facebook... "Bring  Trader Joe's to the Kansas City Metro!"Of course I joined, to find fellow people that wanted Trader Joe's just as much as me!

So needless to say, when It was announced about a year ago that Trader Joe's was coming to KC.... My heart fluttered! I've stalked the store many times and was bound and determined I will be there..... Well today July 15 has arrived and we officially have 2 TJ's in KC! *throws confetti* Of course I was going to be there when the doors opened! 8 am baby!!

Of course I arrived at 7:15.... And they were already lined up! I'm not the only crazy TJ fan!
Love at First Sight!

My Fellow TJ lovers!!
We are walking in kids!! They had all the workers handing out
flower leis and cheering us in! 
Yeah I know your heart is fluttering too!
Giant Checkout line. . . 
Cart of Goodies
On our way home!

All my Goods for today!!!
I only spent $65!!
I {puff heart} Trader Joe's

Today's Blogging Assistants! 

EDIT: I almost forgot.... These bad boys are the best things EVER. 

I've almost eaten them all!

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