Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grocery Stores and Ornaments Oh My!!

What a huge weekend in my life! Of course Trader Joe's opened yesterday! And I'm beyond stoked! I did stop by today... and let me tell you, these bad boys are a foodgasm!

Of course Trader Joe's isn't the last of my excitement! This weekend was Hallmark's Ornament Premiere!

Every year at Christmas time Mom and I always decorate our tree. I was ALWAYS a huge lover of all our Hallmark Ornaments! They were always the first to go on the tree! I always love going and getting the ornaments for each series! I truly always dreamed of being a hallmark girl!

Who would of thought that when I fast forward years, that my Mother in Law would adore Hallmark Ornaments and sell them on Ebay! Who would of also thought my Brother would of married a daughter of a Hallmark V.P. Yeah so pretty much my heart fluttered too when I came into this awesomeness of life!

Oddly Kyle and I only had a Christmas tree up at our apartment for one year.... But we made up by not having it the year before by keeping it up and turning it on every night until at least birthday!! (March 29) So of course once I got our own tree.... I had to get ornaments!

When I lived at home, I had a lot of the Barbie series, which I'm still rather confused about myself. I really didn't like Barbies as a kid.

Last Christmas, (our first year as a married couple) I had decided of course I wanted to start a series!! When the Wishbook came out, I flipped to the page of "first in the series" and I see this glorious little thing!!

Seriously what are the odds? I wanted to start a series and a cupcake series comes out!! Score! Of course I woke up at bedhead and all to get that bad boy!!

Today was the start of the release of ornament. There were only 2 I really needed today. Not knowing if I'd have time to make it, I made sure my MIL both knew what to grab me so I would miss out!! Because 2 years ago I missed out on Season's Treating first in the series and I can't find it! Ugh! Hey but I got #2 and I needed #3!!

I got #3 of Season's Treating! And of course the first of the Pixar Series!!! Let me put in a disclosure. I was willing to take on the risk of fighting an old crazy ornament lady if they tried to take UP away from me. I too can turn just as crazy!

Oh not to worry, my cupcake series comes out in October and I will take on any other crazy women then!!

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