Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am getting back in the grind

So I will try my hardest to be a better blogger. Life is pretty much a blur, I have officially been at my government job for 3 months!!! Scary, I've been away from you all for 3 months! Of course I've been still working at Walgreens, so my life has been a bit mad house crazy. ( I haven't even seen my best friend Julia, UGH) Although I have officially been working in Pharmacy so I'm thinking about cutting down my hours at the good ole Walgreens!

Ohhh and Monday was my first official stupid holiday working for the government..... It was AMAZING!

We have moved in and loving the house...... I promise I will take pictures of the house and update for you!! Give a women some time!!

Also, since Jess doesn't like posts without pictures. . . .  Here ya'll go!

Momma's Princess!
Lacy Girl 

Momma's Handsome Little man

Our newest addition! 
Emma Girl! 
It's already been 6 months she's been with us, and she's perfect!!

Yes, I'm that crazy "dog" momma. I had the kids get their pictures taken, mostly because Lacy turns 12 this 4h of July and she was my very first dog, and boy does she act like it. She is momma's spoiled princess and has NO shame in admitting it! 

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Julia @ The Bosky Blog said...

I love you and your crazy dog loving butt!!