Friday, August 27, 2010

Day ONE!

Hello my pretties!

So today I'm in an amazingly awesome Megan mood! So after much randomness of today, I've decided to take on a new challenge! ...Drum Rolll.... I have decided to entertain you for a year, yes 365 days! I plan on bringing the Randomness that I love about myself, all to this blog! I am promising to share my wonderful thoughts. (of course pictures will be included daily) So bring out the laughs, giggles and the "OH MY GOD, NO SHE DIDN'T's"

About me before you jump into my crazy world thinking What the FUCK was I thinking, this girl is crazy! For real, I am slightly crazy and hilarious in my eyes! I enjoy colored pants, (brighter the better) I LURVE cupcakes, I adore my pups, I'm a little crazy for my husband to handle, I talk about poop and farts, I love to tease my hair, my favorite colors are pink and green, I always refer to myself as a fat kid, I hate the color BLUE, I only eat the red sour patch kids out of the package, I am a WWer that's not always on the wagon, I drive a lime green VW bug, I like to play with sidewalk chalk, and kites!

So of course, I will start of with sharing to you the "Life with Megan . . . Day Uno"

My B-Man!
He sure does love his Momma! He was also hanging out all over me while typing this. He wanted to tell ya'll "woof"

Of course I freeze my tits off at work, after many oh so many thermostat wars. I finally gave in. I went to the store to get a snuggie. Although I really had my heart set on a Monkey Snuggie, when I went to the store I couldn't find it. I asked the lady, she rolled her eyes and said "It's 100 degrees outside, the last time I sold one; there was snow on the ground" Rude BIOTCH!

After months of being snuggtastic. . .
I've turned this biotch into a FASHION! Called Megan fashion that is! When I arms get warm I just drop the top of the snuggie! Tada!

Stache Friday. . .
As I've mentioned, I have AWESOME coworkers! When I went to San Francisco, I could a wonderful kit of Day of the week Mustaches! So of course every Friday we have Stache Friday! Yeah, be jealous! Oh and I got glasses!

Holy Silly Bandz
Why Yes I have Silly Bandz and swap with Julia!!

Sorry I didn't post this las night, slightly went out and wasn't expecting it! So also another randomness of my life, as I was eating dinner I decided I wanted my nose repierced! I will make sure I bring to you another amazing post tomorrow! I'm on my mission of being awesome!


Becky said...

Sidewalk chalk rocks my world.
In fact, I will probably be playing with some today at my parent's house.

~Christina~ said...

I love sidewalk chalk waaaaaaay more than any of my kids do. We have a heck of a selection.....:)

Rizzle said...

You must love doxies about as much as I do!! I have 2 as well! An 8 year old black and tan and a 3 year old blue eyed dapple! I will be searching your previous posts for more pictures of the pups!!