Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 2

Happy Sunday all! So today's lovely pictures are from last night. We went out of my bosses birthday! I said I'd be DD, so Kyle could drink. (Little did I know, I'm not a camera whore when I'm sober...No pictures of the Birthday Boy on my camera.)

Now for some ole family background about one cool kid named Megan. So lets begin off with when Kyle and I went to our marriage counseling classes, (before we could get married) the one thing he wrote down about my family that bothers him. . . Was that they drink to much. Don't let me fool you, I may not drink a lot; for a girl I can run with them all! Yes, my family is some Happy Hour partiers! For me, they have FINALLY backed of me on drinking with them. ( I refuse to use my points on alcohol, I'd much rather a cupcake!)

So Friday night I went out with my brother, sister in law, and good friend Jason. While we were out my brother and Jason decided to tell Kyle. . ." Tomorrow, you are going to the Science Experiment I never had"

That Husband of Mine. . . And ME!
As you can tell from this picture. . . We had just arrived at the bar and this was Kyle's first drink! (Holy wingage hanging out on my arm!)

I found this rocking wicker bucket chair! It was beyond bad ass and it spinned!!

"The Lab Rat"
As you can tell from this picture, our lab rat did not succeed well in his experiment. Surprisingly after this shot, his dumbass drunk self took another 2 tequila shots.
Yeah, while he was throwing up in the front yard of my bosses yard.... Everyone told me I was a bad wife who just let him be. (I did make sure he still had a pulse every so often, I'm really not the wicked witch of the west!)

Our Professors!
My brother and Jason
(Really Jason and I are really close to, so he's basically a brother too!)

Lastly on a more cuddly note . . .

Don't ya just want to grab her and wrestler her down and use her as a body pillow?!


I do it regularly.

I hope to see you all for wonderful pictures for tomorrows post! I promise that some of you might try and eat your computers!

Much love



Stephanie said...

I <3 the Bella Monster personally.

~Christina~ said...

O.M.G FUNNY! I may be dognapping that :)