Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 3. . .

Sorry in advance before you start reading below. I was pretty boring! After staying out till 4 am on Saturday, there was a bunch of NOTHING going on yesterday!

I did decided to drive out to Kansas, and drive on the newly fixed Triangle. And Barrel Bob was chilling out on the side of the highway! Thanks MoDot for putting some something cool into my life. Although a lot of you that read this isn't from good ole MO or KS. Bob, well he always ends up at parts where MoDot is fixing. (Or when 2 lanes of our bridge just fall off and hang out in the trees!) He always seems to come up missing. I think some young teenagers find it a game to steal Bob. I'm still baffled on how they would move him, he's GIANT!
*Bob waves to all my readers*

NOM. . .
I felt since I told myself that I was starting my WWers Monday, I needed a treat! So I made a pit stop at Cupcake A La Mode. I originally was only going to get one cupcake for myself. But I called my big brother, who was hungover from our previous nights shenanigans. He told me he wanted cupcakes and he wanted a variety. So of course I got us a dozen!! Go ahead. . . Drool!

(Show above are Stuffed French Toast, PB&J, Raspberry Lemonade, Amaretto Sweet, Vanilla Creme de Cocoa, ChocoVanillo, Gold Digger, Key Lime, and Mama Mia)

Couch Potato
Of course after our stomach's were full of Mr. Goodcent's subs and cupcakes it was time to make the best of a Sunday. . . Become a fantastic couch potato and watch The Crazies. Thoughts on the Crazies? It was one effed up movie. I don't know how I feel about directors making movies when people get "crazy" from drinking the water.

Now for the more cuddly aspects of my life. . .

My B-Man!
Evidently he feels he needs to shave his face just like Daddy. . . And yes, while taking this picture, Kyle was having fun with Barney. And now Barney has a lovely shaved spot on his ass!

The Moose
That large, blob of fat that I love to use as a body pillow. . . Well in fact Miss Bella loves and adores throw rugs, She loves to fluff every rug in the house. Yesterday I was walking to the bathroom. To find that Bella had fluffied up the bathroom rug to use it as a pillow on her other rug!

Sorry for such a boring post today, I will try and thing of some fantastic thought pondering picture for tomorrow's post. . . Right. So far I've been pretty boring. I wanted to wear lovely purple pants except they are missing. There will have to be some questioning about who and what happened to my pants!


~Christina~ said...

I ♥ your puppies

Mrs. W said...

Thank You!

I thought you weren't a dog person!

I need to get pictures of the other two pups!