Monday, August 9, 2010

My life thrown in a bag!

Today, I was going through my purse looking for my Pandora bracelet. I busted out laughing, thinking of the post "Show me yours and I'll show you mine!" That Jess posted. Oh the random-ness of my purse! Haha! Please enjoy the HILARIOUS random crap that I have packed into my purse!

Let's Begin. . .
- Of course the Coach purse (Yes I also got it from the outlet and got a steal of a deal on it)
- Hobo Clutch that I carry as my wallet (Not so much as a steal of a deal, but awesome)
- iPhone
- iPhone car charger
- Sunglasses
- Keys
- Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Cards
- Birth Control
- Tampons
- Meds
- Orbit Gum
- Tanning goggles
- Book light
- Digital Camera (Not pictured because I was using it)
- 2 camera batteries
- Straws
- Neosporin
- Butter Knife
- One Lucky Troll
- Our cork from our champagne from our Wedding
- Zantac
- Silly Bands
- Chapstick
- Highlighter
- Pen
- Weight Watcher weigh in book
- Breathsavers
- 1 hot roller pin
- 1 snack size baggie full of crunched up pretzels
- 1 of Kyle's contacts
- 1 smushed up WW Peanut Butter & Chip Delight 2pt bar (My current favorite)
- Benadryl anti itch gel
- 3 chopstick helpers
- 2 random candies I have no clue where they are from
- Random letters and envelopes
- Random ponytail holders (most likely hidden under something)
- (not pictured because it's in the Hobo wallet... 4 sets of earrings and a ring on top of the normally wallet crap!)

Needless to say, I found NO Pandora Charm Bracelet! I'm bad about just throwing jewelry in my purse during the day.


~Jessica said...

Aaaaand you definitely win for the "random" aspect! A butter knife?!?! HA!!!

Mrs. W said...

I'm more confused by the ONE contact.

~Christina~ said... it :)

Stephanie said...

Knowing you...I'm not actually shocked by the contents of your purse! HA.


Mrs. W said...

They are Hollywood Silly Bands!!