Friday, May 28, 2010

Some one pinch me please

I will need to mark May 28, 2010 as a wonderful day in life!!!

Let's first begin with . . . Good Bye Obese Megan. . . HELLO OVERWEIGHT MEGAN!

I rocked Weigh in! I pulled off losing 3.4, which put me at 184.2!! (Since I'm 5'6 185 is considered Overweight) I jump on the scale, the leader asks how my week was.... The only thing that came out of my mouth was good. . I might cry when the final number shows up! My eyes got all watered, she freaked out that I had lost 78 pounds, asking if I had before pictures in my wallet! I got my 75 pound charm for my keychain. I've been glowing ever since!!

I trot myself in feeling the best feeling I've ever had! I was at the point that NO one could possibly even make my day bad!

Then around 2 this afternoon. . . I was offered a FULL TIME JOB! I start Tuesday!!

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