Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let's first start out with me informing you all that. . . I will become a Mrs. in a mere 27 days! I can't believe it! It honesty feels like we just got engaged, it so does not feel like a year and a half has come and gone! Although everyone has told me that wedding plan stressed them out so much. I haven't stressed a bit. It still hasn't hit me that I am getting married either. Although I'm pretty sure it will hit me when we go to get our Marriage license in a couple weeks! I also had what I thought was my final dress fitting this week! (Remind you this was dress fitting #4) The dress finally fits, the thing is the bottom of the corset is touching, but it still looks good. So ideally my alterations lady wanted me to stay the same weight, or gaining just a few pounds. Although I went ahead made another appointment for June 8, to see if she needs to take my inseams in again!

Well I did have our bridesmaid weekend with my ladies last weekend! I had a blast! It was great to just be with the bridesmaid and have a get away for us!

We did go to the Wax Museum! Of course we had to buy this picture! It's PRICELESS! All my girls minus Annie!

All of us Ladies with Heff!

While away we did find Johnny Depp! Oh how I have loved him my whole life growing up! He so stole my heart when I was at the prime age of 5 when Edwards Scissorhands was playing on cable!

Of course I informed you all how EXCITED I was for Osceola Cheese! Heck Yes my Momma stopped and got me my favorite shoestring string cheese! Yumm (Yes I was intoxicated)

Well I know Julia knows I make jokes about shirts with itty bitty pockets! (Although I'm overly obessed with them! I love them) I joke that you put VERY import things in the pocket! So of course I had to keep my cheese in my pocket! After a drunken weekend we now call them VIP (Very Important Pocket) shirts!

My lovely Momma! I sure do love her! She was such a great sport! She joined in circle of death!

And my other Momma! Of course I come from a super close family! This is my beautiful Aunt Nancy! Or as she would say Favorite Aunt Nancy! She was too an awesome sport joining in circle of death!

Looks like the good ole Maid of Honor was a party pooper on our way home! (She got sick on Saturday with some stomach bug, so we let it sly)

My little Miss Annie!

That's the little girl I basically raised! This is the same little girl that would give me Mother's day cards, or I would get calls from her Mom to tell me she's not listening to her because she would say that she would only listen to Megan. She's graduating! Such a scary thought! She's the baby. We had her graduation party this weekend, I held up pretty well! Although I know at her actually graduation Thursday I will cry like a baby!

I guess you all wanna know about my WWers. With this crazy week. I was slightly nervous of weigh in. I of course blew off tracking, which really is nothing new for me. And I was trying to actually gain a little so I wouldn't have the stress of my dress being taken in again (my alterations lady has a wedding the same week as mine, so she won't be in town the week of my wedding for last minute tweeks) I hop on the scale and I lose 2.4. My jaw dropped. I was in shock! How is it when I try to gain a little, I pull the biggest number I've seen in MONTHS! So after that loss, I figured it's officially. Tracking isn't for me, I always seem to pull bigger numbers when I don't track. (My logic of why, is I kinda think I end up in my head doing my own version of Wendie plan) On the plus side, I weighed in at 187! Once I hit 185 I will no longer be considered OBESE! Someone better show up with confetti poppers and cake when I see the lovely numbers of 1-8-5!

Well ladies, I think that's all I have to share! I will probably end up posting again on Sunday. When I have nothing going on!

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