Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holy Crap. . .

So the wedding is 2 weeks away. . .

Where the hell has the last year and a half gone! I figured I needed to come here, maybe it will relieve some stress!

I honestly haven't had any wedding stress till this week. Where do I begin. Tuesday was just a wedding hell day. Since the calendar read JUNE, I think EVERYONE had to become a thorn in my ass! Not only do I have appointments with every vendor the next week, I just started the new job on Tuesday so I had to have Mom take over dealing with vendors. She's been a champ about it, she's already stressing. I feel horrible because I had been the one dealing with everything and just handing over the contracts. Now she's getting all stressed about things because she does want everything to be perfect for me! I keep telling her that I know it's going to be perfect!

Yesterday and Today I've basically been trying to deal with people who think I just send out RSVP's to waste my time adding them to the invites. Seriously, I send out invites 6 weeks before the RSVP was to be back and I was missing half. Having to stalk people to ask if they are coming or not. Really its 2 weeks before the wedding, I have much better things to do with my life people!!!!

Also, I really just shouldn't be such a nice person. Yes, my one and only request for the wedding was for an open bar. So I wanted to have the wedding at a hotel so people wouldn't have to drink and drive. So the discount rate is good till 2 weeks before the wedding, so it is done tomorrow. Yet when I remind people who had asked me for the hotel info, get snippy with me for saying something.

I think that's all I have to vent about. . . I'm sure I'll have plenty more to come!

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~Christina~ said...

Vent away! I was a good girl and sent in my RSVP weeks ago, and have had a hotel room for months. I get a gold star :) LMAO