Saturday, October 23, 2010

Holy Update Batman!

So as you all know, I like to do things my own way. I mean why would I want to do things just like everyone else right.

A year ago (in a month, Turkey Trot) I did my very first 5k. Of course I did no training, nor did I actually "run" it. I now have 4 5k's under my belt, and still have yet to actually run one.

So with Turkey is a month away, and I've decided I want to try and run it. Well at least be able to run maybe 2/3. (Honestly I would be happy with myself if I ran half of it... Yes I know, that's only a mile and a half!)

So Thursday night I started Week 1 Day 1 of Couch to 5k! Of course I had to download the C25k app on my iPhone, this ADD girl can't be trusted with a piece of paper..... and remember how long I am suppose to run/walk and when. Let me tell you, Thursday night whipped my ass. Beyond whipped it. There were many times in my head I was debating with myself on just saying "FUCK it" but I did it! (Yes call me a pussy, W1D1 kicked my bootay!)

Yesterday my cousin had asked me to watch her 2 kids while her and her husband where in a wedding. Her kiddos are 3 years old and 6 months! My parents have both been saying the want grandbabies! So of course I said I'd watch them. (So my parents can realize, being grandparents aren't as easy as they may think! And recently that husband of mine has been telling me we should have a baby!) Little man and I went trunk or treating while the little baby girl stayed with my parents. So when I got home I threw in a movie for the little man, and took over the little baby girl. My cousin had warned me she was teething. Well, she had been such a great baby I didn't think she was hurting, nor did it dawn on me that she might need some mortoin. Well my journey of baby duty started at a lovely 10:30, only an hour that she was asleep. Then for the 5 hours, in 30 minute intervals she was up! Around 1 am, I realize that her teeth hurt, because when I held the binkie in she would stop crying. So I gave her some motorin and thought I was solid, sleep here I come. WRONG-O! 30 minutes later, she's up again! Now it's gas pains, and she's farting up a storm on me! So around 2 I give her gas drops, only to be woke up again at 3 am to her giggling, smiling and wanting to play!!! Finally I had to reach the point of now, just giving the binkie and letting herself cry to sleep! Needless to say, I got to bed about 3:15. Oh I forgot to mention, Julia and I had volunteered for a race this morning and I had to meet Julia in 3 hours. UGH.

Of course, any sight of what I thought I had of baby fever. . . Is long beyond long gone! That lovely husband of mine told me that after last night he doesn't know if he ever wants kids! Haha! I had been trying to tell him the little interaction with babies isn't what I would call being around babies. Also, my mom looked at me and said "I might have a change in mind on grandbabies!" Haha!

After a whopping 2 hours of sleep, I headed out to our race. Thank goodness Julia nor the racers cared what I looked like! I came home, to try and take nap. Nope Dad said he wanted to take us to Lunch. After lunch, I got a lovely short cat nap of an hour. Not what I really wanted. Oh well. Then I remembered today was Saturday, I needed to do W1D2 of C25k. Yup, I debated long and hard with myself again. I mean, did I really want to try and force myself to train on 3 hours of sleep? Not only a lack of sleep, but I felt like death after day 1 on Thursday. Was I really wanting to feel even more like crap? So after an hour of seeding POMs for work, I decided. . . I need to get outside and just do it. I'm not going to be able to become the "runner" I want to if I just make excuses. I am super stoked to report W1D2 was a success. I was able to complete, and I didn't feel like a walking zombie. After tonight, I am excited for Monday to train again!

I might actually become a runner. . .  like a for real runner.

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Becky said...

Your post was good birth control for me. LOL

Andrew cannot even handle our new dog sometimes and I go "Think about if we had a baby...."

Great job for making yourself do the second day of training! You're definitely not a pussy for being beat up by the first day. I still get my butt kicked by the 30 Day Shred Level 1 if I haven't done it in awhile. Your body will adjust and you'll be running a FULL 5K in no time!!