Saturday, October 16, 2010

Little over a year ago

So a year and 2 months ago, I met this girl on the weight watcher board... Via the internet! *scary voice* I came home, bragging to Kyle how I made a new friend from the weight watcher boards and she lives in Overland Park TOO! Needless to say, Kyle (being the one that comes from a family of retired cops, and wants to become a cop) completely flipped shit on my ass. I had told him I was going to meet her in corporate woods. ( A woodsie area that was by my work that had a trail) He proceeded to tell me she was going to kill me, cut me into pieces and throw me in a freezer. (I need to stop allowing him to watch Criminal Minds) Being the person I am, I took on the challenge of being cut up and thrown in the freezer! I also went to meet my new "friend" and as that husband of mine had just told me I was going to die,  I didn't even take MACE. Lord.

If anyone would of told me I would of met a person that I would then consider my best friend, you could of fooled me! I arrive to the trail to find Julia!!! For only knowing someone for over a year, I can tell anything and everything and she was always there to either pick me up off the ground, or laugh with me! To the fact that I was upset at myself, 9 months earlier I had gotten engaged. I was broken hearted I had already asked all my bridesmaids to be in the wedding. Of course I had already talked with her about being my awesome greeter for the wedding!

Julia, she is that one person in life that I honestly can't say no to. Roughly 3 months after meeting,  I get a text from Julia asking me to register for the Turkey Trot 5k. So, being the person that only runs when my life is in danger. . . Of course I said yes (it was Julia) and signed up... 2 weeks before the race with NO training. Although I drung my ass to the race. Although I maybe ran 1/3 of the race. I did it, and from then on I got more texts asking me to join more races. I still have yet to completely run a 5k...

Although, after a couple of races together Julia tells me she's wanting to step it up to half marathons, and possibly full marathons. I looked *with crazy eyes* at her and word for word said "I will sign up for whatever 5k's you want me to, I will not run halfs or fulls. But I will ALWAYS support you and be there for you at the finish!" So Races after races, freezing what of boobs I have left, or almost dying in 100+ heat index. She stepped up the racing!

Throughout my wedding drama, I knew I could always call Julia and bitch, cry, or ask to go eat junk food with me. It wasn't until a week and a half before my wedding. I had decided. I needed to change my bridesmaids. I did kick out a bridesmaid, and was able to call Julia and say "So, I've wanted to do this for awhile....... Will you be my bridesmaid and share my wedding with me!"

That crazy Julia had finalized her first marathon, 10-16-10! So of course I would be there, I mean I wouldn't miss it for the world. I won't miss her marathon, or whenever she has kiddos! So this time I decided I would volunteer, this is the biggest race in town!

Well, (incase you didn't know.... RETAAARD) today is 10-16-10! So after my meetings, being told how to stop cars from running over runners. Also being the white girl in the "hood" part of the race. I took on the challenge of being a baller volunteer! I wanted to make sure I was towards the end of the course, so that Julia would know I'm here and I was going to cheer her on. (Even if she was the very last person that the police car was trailing behind) I was at mile point between 20-21. Yes an old lady did try to run over me and 5 runners. (yes, she got a ticket.) All and all was well! Although, of course when Julia came trotting passed me, some douche tried to get on the course so I only got to wave :-(

Once the end of the racers came past my point, I hopped in the car dealing with blocked roads trying to make it to the finish line. I mean, I had always promised I would be at the finish line once she crossed! Hauling ass, freaking running up steps and to the finish line to make sure I saw her! (yeah, I know running, and let alone up steps I'm a fool) I wiggle my way so I can make sure I can get a picture of the finish line when she crosses! Lucky for me I could see her husband, Mom, and sister before the finish line, so when I saw them getting all excited I made sure the iphone was ready!! She did it!!! In 5 hours and 48 minutes! Call me one proud friend!!!  Although, you all might find me kicking her ass and putting her in a headlock. She keeps telling me she's not happy with how the marathon went!!! She's a baller, she finished a MARATHON!!! (and she didn't shit herself! hahaha sorry julia I had to put that in for you to laugh)

Yes you can call me one proud friend!! (and even after a year, she still hasn't killed me and put me in the freezer!!)

Our Very first Turkey Trot!!

Santa 5k, of course I'll freeze my tits off for you! 

Why Yes Julia, of course I'll fill in for Meagan! 
Why wouldn't I want to run in 100+ heat index.
Only for you! 

I would of missed not have you stand at the alter with me on my wedding day! 

Of course I'm beyond proud of you! 


Julia said...

This post made me life.

I srsly love you!

Thank you for being there for me every step of the way and helping to not lessen this accomplishment. It means the world to me. Without people like you in my life, I'm not sure I'd be where I'm at today.

I have loved every single 5k, wedding hoopla and peachwave invasion.

I will never ever cut you up and put you in a feezer, unless of course you asked me to-and then I'd have to say yes, because like you, I can't say no to you either!

KT Bee said...

Megan you are awesome. Julia you are awesome. I am so glad I've met awesome girls such as you!! ♥