Thursday, October 21, 2010

Terrific Thursday. . .

I honestly don't know how terrific it is, but I do know that yesterday thanks to Miss Julia.... My plump (ya'll get mad when I call myself fat!) ass went to Yoga. All went well, I was honestly surprised I didn't make myself look the uber fool I thought I would. Ohhh I forgot to add, that traffic wasn't as bad as I thought so I made a pit stop to PEACHWAVE!
Lookie there! I also went healthy on my froyo! Only Tart and Strawberry!
Alright, except a slue of BOBA's! Who can give me NI for Boba?

Luckily after Yoga, it finally clicked with me. My muscles that I haven't used were starting to get sore. I honestly was wanting to stay completely OP. I mean really was Sheridan's Wedding Cake Concrete me ruining all the success I've already had? I mean, the last few weeks yeah I've said I'm going to stay OP. But ummm to say the least, that hasn't happened!

Well so today, I'm completely OP! I've got my etools and my 3 month journal! I only have like 30 pounds to go. I can do this, easy peasy!

Now, how to get this shoulder blade soreness to leave, it feels weird!

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KT Bee said...

you're a ROCKSTAR!!!