Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello. . .

So I've been slightly busy with the little bits and pieces of the wedding! Mom and I finally did make my Grandma's Orange Cookies I loved as a kid. As much as my Mom hates being crafty and baking. I decided on us making the orange cookies for the guests that check into the hotel. So needless to say we had to make a batch and we packaged some up in the food saver to see if we can freeze them for 2 weeks and still taste stealer. So I'm not baking up a storm the week of the wedding!
Nom Nom Nom!

On another note I want to become a coupon-er! So I cut and organized COUPONS! I'm going off to get me a binder and start my savings! Kyle was making fun of me because I took a picture of my coupons! Tada!

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