Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kitchen Aid completes me

The one thing I look forward to every week. . . is the weekend. Well not for the fact that I hate my job like people normally do. But it gives me time to do the one thing in life I adore, love and have a passion for. BAKING! Whenever I have a bad day or just need to be cheered up, the ole Kitchen Aid mixer can always solve that! As a few posts ago, I spilled my guts about my Grandma' Bonnie, well Grandma had always told me that she thought I'd be an awesome chef or pastry chef. Grandma passed away my sophomore year in High School, so needless to say I stopped cooking, and baking. I was pissed, and bitter Grandma wasn't here to cook or bake with me. Needless to say, when I graduated I went off to school thinking I wanted to become and elementary teacher. I went through almost 2 years of my classes when I realized I couldn't stand being in a class room with kids, that weren't mine. Don't get me wrong I love and adore kids, possibly one day in the future me and the Mr. might have an offspring of our own. So I dropped out of school, which at times I would love to say I regret it. But honestly I don't, it would even upset me more to be stuck in a career I hate and had student loans on a career I hate. 

Since Kyle and I have dated, we have talked about  me going back to school. Although, I have thought and thought long and hard I honestly couldn't think of anything. My dear friend Shelby was talking about going into nursing, asked me to go with her. Except for the fact I can't look at a needle without getting squirmish. So that's a negative. 

I can't tell you how many people in my life have told me I needed to go to school to be a chef or pastry. My response was always "Yeah, that's what my Grandma always wanted too." So recently it dawned on me, I need to go back to school to become a pastry chef. 

Since I'm a big girl, married and just can't make the glorious decisions and say eff it. I now have the joys of a husband, (which I wouldn't trade for anything) 2 car payments, soon to be house payment, and little bitty credit card debt. So I am looking into night classes (so I can still work 40 hours a week) to help me pursue my dream. I would DIE to have my own bakery!! (Of course Julia would be there to make the cuppiecakes with me!) 

I've sent an email to school, lets see what they say! Eeck!

This weekends baking adventures!

Mom wanted cake pops!
Of course I am an awesome daughter and made some

Butter dinner rolls

Ooey Gooey Cinnamon Rolls

Home made Hamburger and Hot dog buns
for Dad's tailgating!


Therese said...

Randomly found your blog through Bosky Blog when she commented on my blog... ANYway, if you ever do open a bakery, that's my secret dream too! I just need to find a friend with good business sense because I want to bake and not deal with bills! If you do find some good baking classes in the KC area, let me know!

missmarymc said...

how do you get your cake pops so round and pretty?

maybe i didn't mix well enough. or maybe it was the problem of too-big balls...or did i need to freeze longer?

thanks for the input