Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bike Extravaganza

Alight, so yeah a few posts down I wrote about how I wanted to "become a runner." What I did fail to tell you all, is when I was 15 I dislocated my left knee cap walking around the kitchen table. Holy PAIN! Yeah I have no cool story of why I had to have a full leg cast for 2 months. Needless to say, after x-rays they decided to tell me that my knees are genetically incorrect and most likely with in the next 15 years I'll need a replacement. Lovely right. So needless to say I was scared to exercise or push myself. I didn't want back in that pain. Then April 2008, my brothers wedding many vodka and sprites and dancing my life away.. Out goes my knee again. Lucky for me I was drunk enough that the pain wasn't as bad, I refused to go back to the doctor. All they were going to do is put me in a cast. If I had a cast again, I can't drive. Which means I will become a couch potato, more then I already was.

So when I started weight watchers in June 2009, I did start exercising although now I can tell when I feel the knee cap moving. So yup my crazy ass decides that I'm going to run. Well I had yet to run my 5k's. So this last month and a half I've been doing C25k training. Welp the last 2 runs, my knee has basically told me to go fuck myself. I even tried to run in my knee brace, go figure it hurt it worse.

So I was talking with Kyle, that I want to start bike riding. Now I've switched gears I wanna be a biker. So I found this sweet pink bike, and sweet helmet and the penny savings begins. Although funny thing has it, in Nov 2007 I won a bike. Yeah the only thing in life I've won, was a bike and I was a couch potato. I rode it maybe 10 miles MAX when I won it. Although I call it the "big bike" because my short ass legs barely touch. So I always rolled my eyes at the big bike.

Well Tuesday my coworker and I were talking about my pink bike and everything I want to do with it. I told him I have a bike but it's too big for me. It's some fancy smancy bike I won. So he asked to see it and was interested in buying it. Sweet if I sell the big bike..... I can get the pink bike! Yes! Sweet! So Kyle went and got my big bike new tubes for the tires and brought it up. Well the bike is a bit nicer then what my coworker wanted, and we found out it's worth $500! For a bike I've just been looking at!

Tuesday night I go home to and I'm talking with my parents about my new determined goal in life. To ride a bike. Well Dad busted out laughing, saying "Megan, you couldn't ride a bike worth a damn when you were little." Okay, Okay. I'll be completely honest yeah when I was younger I was complete fat ass. I did nothing that required movement. So after talking with mom and dad. may jokes about me on a bike. Mom thought it was probably a good idea I get back on a bike and ride before going to spend $300 on a bike and use it once.

Alright, Alright. So yesterday I came into work walked into my cube to see the bike. Well I then decided I'll run up to the bike shop and get me an ugly helmet and start riding during my lunch around the back roads. I come back, get all suited up to ride. Making sure I tell the boys I'm off to ride so if I don't come back in an hour, please look on the side of the road for me!

Off I go. Hmmp. This damn fancy smancy big bike... I don't understand all these gears or what gears I need to be in. I just keep pedaling and pressing buttons to try and make it easier. Well up some hills it wasn't easy, so I walked with my bike. Then I found an apartment complex, so I was circling in their parking lot. Well as I was trying to get back on the road. Off I fall of the bike. Of course, there were 3 guys mowing the complex and all the mowers stop as I fall. I slowly get up, walk with the bike again and climb back on. (Thank God I was wearing jeans. No blood.)

To be completely bluntly honest. This whole bike riding kicked my ass. I come back in the office covered in sweat, barely able to talk, my whole body is sore. I did burn 255 calories in 35 minutes. But honestly I thought by how I felt, I burnt more then that!  So I'm thinking to myself maybe I'm just the lazy fat ass and always will be.UGH. But I keep telling myself, no your not giving up. You are riding the bike every day during your lunch for 30 minutes. This has to get better. So I'm off to try this whole bike riding again today!

Dream Pink Bike I want!!

Fancy Smancy Big Bike

Currently what my desk looks like! Ha

Ugly ass helmet.
Safety First!
Only 255!

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Jennifer said...

Love the pink bike! I have one like it but it is blue! Great job on trying something new!